Saturday, May 9, 2009

In My Mailbox (6)

I'm doing this a bit early because I'm tired and I want to sleep early tonight and late tomorrow morning, and I probably won't feel like it tomorrow, and I'm too lazy to schedule it.

Anyways, In My Mailbox is the creation of The Story Siren, who was inspired by Alea.

The boughten: None.

The borrowed: None, I didn't go to the library this week.

The received:

Sleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita

When Sam's best friend gets her first boyfriend, she's not ready to spend the summer listening to the two of them call each other "pookie." Sick of being a third wheel, Sam applies to be a counselor-in-training at Whispering Pines camp in the New York Catskills. But what she doesn't realize is that it's not going to be all Kumbaya sing-alongs and gooey s'mores. If Ashley, the alpha queen of Whispering Pines, doesn't ruin Sam's summer, then her raging crush on the surfer-blond and flirtatious Hunter just might. At least she has playful Cole, who's always teasing her, but is oh-so-comfortable to hang out with, and the singular gang of girls that become fast friends with Sam-they call themselves the Sleepaway Girls.

Summary from, book from where Jen is currently visiting.

How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson

Fall in love with reading all over again.

To Carley Wells, words are the enemy. Her tutor's innumerable SAT flashcards. Her personal trainer's "fifty-seven pounds overweight" assessment. And the endless reading assignments from her English teacher, Mr. Nagel. When Nagel reports to her parents that she has answered "What is your favorite book" with "Never met one I liked," they decide to fix what he calls her "intellectual impoverishment." They will commission a book to be written just for her—one she'll have to love—that will impress her teacher and the whole town of Fox Glen with their family's devotion to the arts. They will be patrons— the Medicis of Long Island. They will buy their daughter The Love Of Reading.

Impossible though it is for Carley to imagine loving books, she is in love with a young bibliophile who cares about them more than anything. Anything, that is, but a good bottle of scotch. Hunter Cay, Carley's best friend and Fox Glen's resident golden boy, is becoming a stranger to her lately as he drowns himself in F. Scott Fitzgerald, booze, and Vicodin.

When the Wellses move writer Bree McEnroy—author of a failed meta-novel about Odysseus' failed journey home through the Internet—into their mansion to write Carley's book, Carley's sole interest in the project is to distract Hunter from drinking and give them something to share. But as Hunter's behavior becomes erratic and dangerous, she finds herself increasingly drawn into the fictional world Bree has created, and begins to understand for the first time the power of stories—those we read, those we want to believe in, and most of all, those we tell ourselves about ourselves. Stories powerful enough to destroy a person. Or save her.

Summary from this site as the amazon one was a review, not a summary, book from the publisher to review. (Which made me go all "ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh" and completely lose all dignify.)

Quick question for you guys, I'm currently reading a Nora Roberts trilogy that's really good, would any of you be interested in reviews of adult books? Not all the time, but occasionally to fill the gaps between YA books.

Okay, well, that's all, and if you want, leave your answer in the comments.
Peace, love and cookies,


  1. I would be interested in reviews of any books you read :)

  2. I'd also like to see adult stuff--or anything else you want to post. I like all your reviews.

    How to Buy a Love of Reading sounds fascinating. I admit I'm intrigued because it's so hard to imagine someone not loving books. Sure, one genre or type...but all? I can't get through the day without reading SOMEthing. Books feed the soul. Even in real life. I know I sound snobby but deep down I don't really "get" people who don't love books.

    Can't wait to see what you review next!

  3. Yeah as long as they're not R rated because some of Nora Roberts' books are. I've read Sleepaway Girls and I loved it.

  4. Alea: Awwwwwww, that's so sweet ^^

    Insert Book Title: Thank you!!

    Sadako: Aww, you're sweet too ^^ You guys are so nice. ^^

    I totally get where you're coming from. I have a friend who doesn't read for pleasure, and I'm always trying to convince him to read something, but he's just not interested, and I don't really get that. :P

    J.J.: Really? Most of her stuff is pretty mild, actually.

    I know, lol. :)

  5. How to buy a love of reading sounds like a really interesting book. Enjoy.

  6. Sleepaways Girls looks really cute!

  7. I really want to read both. I love the cover of How to Buy... Happy reading!

  8. You do too? It totally reminds me of the books I grew up on, old hardcovers and stuff, you know?


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