Queer Summer Reading Masterlist 2018

Look at this nice handy place to find everything you could possibly need to know about Queer Summer Reading!

I'll add to this perodically throughout QSR 2018.

To contact us:

Tweet me @lainasparetime or Luci at @soveryqueer or both of us @queer_reads

You can find my email address if you click my "Contact" button, or email us at queersummerreading@gmail.com

The basics:

The 2018 introduction post.

Graphics you can use including buttons you can put on your blog or anywhere you want, and a really fun "I joined Queer Summer Reading" badge!

To link to a post you made about Queer Summer Reading, check this post out!

To sign up for a guest blog, check out this post!

All About Chats:

Our Twitter Chat schedule!


Author Interview with Claudie Arseneault

Posts from us:

Laina's (Possible) To-Read List

15 Queer YA Books That Laina Likes

Laina's Queer Middle Grade Rec List Part 1

Guest blogs:

Book Blogger Hop: Desert Island


Baker Thief Giveaway

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