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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (106)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by the lovely Jill at Breaking the Spine.

This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers - To released June 19th, 2012

It’s the end of the world. Six students have taken cover in Cortege High but shelter is little comfort when the dead outside won’t stop pounding on the doors. One bite is all it takes to kill a person and bring them back as a monstrous version of their former self. To Sloane Price, that doesn’t sound so bad. Six months ago, her world collapsed and since then, she’s failed to find a reason to keep going. Now seems like the perfect time to give up.

As Sloane eagerly waits for the barricades to fall, she’s forced to witness the apocalypse through the eyes of five people who actually want to live. But as the days crawl by, everyone’s motivations to survive begin to change in startling ways and soon the group’s fate is determined less and less by what’s happening outside and more and more by the unpredictable and violent bids for life–and death–inside.

When everything is gone, what do you hold on to?

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: Okay, I know most of you have probably heard of this one, but man, doesn't it sound amazing? This is my kind of zombie book!!

Next up, we have:

Touched by Cyn Balog - To be released by August 14th, 2012

Nick Cross always listens to the voice in his head. Because if he doesn't? Things can go really, really wrong. Like the day he decided to go off script and saved a girl from being run over... and let another one drown. Trying to change the future doesn't work.

But this summer at the Jersey Shore, something's about to happen that Nick never could have predicted. He meets a girl named Taryn and finds out about the Book of Touch. Now the path that he thought he was on begins to shift... and there's no way to stop things from happening. Or is there?

In a life where there are no surprises, nothing has prepared Nick for what he's about to discover--or the choice he will be forced to make...

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: I always find the idea of seeing the future and not being able to change it fascinating. Can't wait to read this one and see Cyn's take on it!

What are you guys waiting on this week?

Peace and cookies,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Picture Books Read in 2012

Last year I read... 428 picture books, but I hadn't been keeping track for the full year. This year I did and I'm a bit scared for my wrists. *cracks knuckles* Wish me luck.

  1. Smelly Bill by Daniel Postgate
  2. Who's in the Tub? by Sylvie Jones
  3. Beasty Bath by Robert Neubecker
  4. Bathtub Blues by Kate McMullan
  5. Huggly Takes a Bath by Tedd Arnold
  6. Bath Time by Eileen Spinelli
  7. Bubble Bath Pirates! by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  8. Kid Tea by Elizabeth Ficocelli
  9. Pig Takes a Bath by Michael Dahl
  10. Tubby by Leslie Patricelli
  11. Tub Toys by Terry Miller Shannon & Timothy Warner
  12. The Treasure Bath by Dan Anderson
  13. Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton
  14. Russell and the Lost Treasure -//-
  15. Russell's Christmas Magic -//-
  16. Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw
  17. Sheep Blast Off! -//-
  18. Sheep in Wolves' Clothing by Satoshi Kitamura
  19. Little Baa by Kim Lewis
  20. Brave Charlotte and the Wolves by Anu Stohner
  21. Where Is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox
  22. Smitten by David Gordon
  23. The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten by Steven Kellogg
  24. The Missing Mitten Mystery -//-
  25. One Mitten by Kristine O'Connell George
  26. The Mitten by Jan Brett
  27. Missing Mittens by Stuart J. Murphy
  28. The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen
  29. Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
  30. Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
  31. When Bluebell Sang by Lisa Campbell Ernst
  32. My Dog is a Smelly as Dirty Socks
  33. Brave Charlotte by Anu Stohner
  34. Looking for Christmas by Peggy Van Gurp
  35. Wild & Woolly by Mary Jessie Parker
  36. Christmas Mice by Bethany Roberts
  37. Sheep Take a Hike by Nancy Shaw
  38. Sheep Out to Eat -//-
  39. Six Sandy Sheep by Judith Ross Enderle
  40. The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Klabstrup
  41. The Sea Serpant and Me by Dashka Slater
  42. Pajama Pirates by Andrew Kramer
  43. Sheep on a Ship by Margot Apple
  44. Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose by Scott Gustafon
  45. The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster by David Conway
  46. Here Comes Mother Goose by Iona Opie
  47. Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose Favorites by Mary Engelbreit
  48. Tomie dePaola's More Mother Goose Favorites by Tomie dePaola
  49. Mother Goose and Friends by Ruth Sanderson
  50. The Book That Jack Wrote by Jon Scieszka
  51. The Frog Prince Continued -//-
  52. Grumpy Badger's Christmas Magic by Paul Bright
  53. If Snow Falls by Jon Agee
  54. Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnie by Carolyn Crimi
  55. A Pirate's Night Before Christmas by Philip Yates
  56. Captain Abdul's Pirate School by Colin McNaughton
  57. Don't Mention Pirates by Sarah McConnell
  58. The Night Pirates by Peter Harris
  59. Pirate Girl by Cornelia Funke
  60. This Little Pirate by Philemon Sturges
  61. Pirate Piggy Wiggy by Christyan and Diane Fox
  62. Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss
  63. Angelina's Birthday by Katherine Holabird
  64. Angelina's Birthday Surprise -//-
  65. Backbeard and the Birthday Suit by Matthew McElligott
  66. Mr. Wolf and the Three Bears by Jan Fearnley
  67. Flower Garden by Eve Bunting
  68. The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli
  69. Happy Birthday, Biscuit! by Alyssa Satin Capacilli
  70. The Birthday Presents by Paul Stewart
  71. Birthday Mice by Bethany Roberts
  72. Happy Birthday to You, Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chichester Clark
  73. Monster's Birthday Hiccups by Virginia Mueller
  74. Froggy Bakes a Cake by Jonathan London
  75. Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton
  76. The Boy Who Wouldn't Go to Bed by Helen Cooper
  77. The Squiggle by Carole Lexa Schaefer
  78. A Mouse Told His Mother by Bethany Roberts
  79. Not a Box by Antoinette Portis
  80. It Looked Like Split Milk by Charles G. Shaw
  81. The House Across the Street by Jules Feiffer
  82. Nothing Ever Hapens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter
  83. And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss
  84. Meeow and the Big Box by Sebastien Braun
  85. Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolen
  86. Simon's Disgusie by Gilles Tibo
  87. Jessica by Kevin Henkes
  88. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
  89. Cow Can't Fly by David Milgrim
  90. Go to Sleep, Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton
  91. Little Bo Peep Can't Get to Sleep by Erin Dealey
  92. Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker
  93. Lyle and the Birthday Party by Bernard Waber
  94. Gotcha! by Gail Jorgensen
  95. Alphabet Ice Cream by Nick Sharratt
  96. Ice Cream at the Castle by Anne Love
  97. Ice Cream Cones for Sale! by Elaine Greenstein
  98. Garth Pig and the Ice Cream Lady by Mary Rayner
  99. Simply Delicious by Margaret Mahy
  100. Spike & Cubby's Ice Cream Adventure by Heather Sellers
  101. Ice Cream Larry by Daniel Pinkwater
  102. Sunday Love by Alison Paul
  103. Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop
  104. Dora and the Stuck Truck by Phoebe Beinstein
  105. Trucks by Patricia Hubbell
  106. My Dad's a Wizard! by Hannah Roche
  107. Wemberly's Ice-Cream Star by Kevin Henkes
  108. The Best Restaurant in the Worldby Michelle Schwarz
  109. Isaac the Ice Cream Truck by Scott Santoro
  110. Ice Cream Bear by Jez Alborough
  111. Teatime in Space by Caroline Castle
  112. Regards to the Man in the Moon by Ezra Jack Keats
  113. Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
  114. Aliens in Underpants Save the World -//-
  115. Beegu by Alexis Deacon
  116. What Faust Saw by Matt Ottley
  117. Nova's Ark by David Kirk
  118. Smelly Peter The Great Pea Eater by Steve Smallman
  119. Alistair in Outer Space by Marilyn Sadler
  120. Alistair and the Alien Invasion -//-
  121. Space Station Mars by Daniel San Souci
  122. Hush, Little Alien by Daniel Kirk
  123. Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae
  124. Sheep in a Shop by Nancy Shaw
  125. Tomatoes From Mars by Arthur Yorinks
  126. Mud Is Cake by Pam Muñoz Ryan
  127. Pirate Pup by Caroline Stutson
  128. Fluffy, Scourge of the Sea by Teresa Bateman
  129. A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann
  130. Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth by Alison McGhee
  131. If The Shoes Fits by Alan Osmond
  132. Ice Cream by Elish Coope
  133. Big Little Elephant by Valeri Garbachev
  134. How to Catch an Elephant by Amy Schwartz
  135. A Sick Day For Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead
  136. Sam Who Never Forgets by Eve Rice
  137. What Elephant? by Geneviève Côté
  138. Ella the Elephant by Jan Latta
  139. Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss
  140. Never Ride Your Elephant to School by Doug Johnson
  141. I Love My Mama by Peter Kavanagh
  142. Elephant Wish by Lou Berger
  143. Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss
  144. Ella the Elegant Elephant by Carmela D'Amico
  145. Where's That Cat? by Stèphane Poulin
  146. Ice Cream Fun Day by Kitty Richards
  147. Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies
  148. Dino-Baseball by Lisa Wheeler
  149. Brady Brady and the Ballpark Bark by Mary Shaw
  150. Hit the Ball, Duck by Jez Alborough
  151. The Berenstain Bears Go Out For The Team by Stan Berenstain
  152. Rhinos Who Play Baseball by Julie Mammano
  153. Curious George Plays Baseball by Margaret & H. A. Rey
  154. Roasted Peanuts by Tim Egan
  155. Albert's Ballgame by Leslie Tryon
  156. Tulip at the Baseball Game by J. Patrick Lewis
  157. The Jungle Baseball Game by Tom Paxton
  158. A Girl Named Dani by Dandi Daley Mackall
  159. Luke Goes Up to Bat by Rachel Isadora
  160. Batter Up Wombat by Helen Lester
  161. The Boys by Jess Newman
  162. Snow Bear by Piers Harper
  163. Panda & Polar Bear by Matthew J. Baek
  164. Because I Love You So Much by Guido van Genechten
  165. Baby Polar by Yannick Murphy
  166. Cold Paws, Warm Heart by Madeleine Floyd
  167. Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth
  168. Zen Ties -//-
  169. Zen Ghosts -//-
  170. A Friend Like You by Julia Hubery
  171. I Am Going to Save a Panda by Lauren Child
  172. I Am a Little Panda by François Crozat
  173. On Beyond Zebra by Dr. Seuss
  174. The Monkey and the Panda by Antonia Barber
  175. Sweet Hearts by Dorothy Donohue
  176. Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.
  177. Tracks of a Panda by Nick Dawson
  178. Mr. Panda's Painting by Anne Rockwell
  179. Here Comes the Alien by Colin McNaughton
  180. We're Off to Look For Aliens -//-
  181. Dancing Larry by Daniel Pinkwater
  182. Patrick's Dinosaurs on the Internet by Carol Carrick
  183. A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na
  184. Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood
  185. Little Hoot by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  186. Owly by Mike Thaler
  187. Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins
  188. Sam and the Firefly by P. D. Eastman
  189. I'm Not Sleepy! by Jonathan Allen
  190. Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton
  191. Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza by Holly Clifton-Brown
  192. The Owl and the Pussy-Cat by Edward Lear
  193. Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
  194. Berkeley's Barn Owl Dance by Tara Johnson
  195. Down in the Woods at Sleepytime by Carole Lexa Schaefer
  196. Angelina and Henry by Katharine Holabird
  197. Archibald Frisby by Michael Chesworth
  198. Bailey Goes Camping by Kevin Henkes
  199. Three Days On a River in a Red Canoe by Vera B. Williams
  200. Camping Day by Patricia Lakin
  201. Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London
  202. Arthur Goes to Camp by Marc Brown
  203. Curious George Goes Camping by Margaret Rey
  204. Franklin Has a Sleepover by Paulette Bourgeois
  205. The Bear Scouts by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  206. The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp -//-
  207. A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris van Dusen
  208. Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite! by Diane de Groat
  209. Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins
  210. Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer
  211. The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
  212. If I Were the Easter Bunny by Louise Gardner
  213. Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter by Grace Maccarone
  214. 10 Easter Egg Hunters by Janet Schulman
  215. Splat the Cat Where's the Easter Bunny? by Rob Scotton
  216. Clifford's Happy Easter by Norman Bridwell
  217. Countdown to Easter by Ann Marie Harris
  218. Easter Bunny's on His Way! by Brian James
  219. The Best Easter Eggs Ever! by Jerry Smath
  220. Easter Mice! by Bethany Roberts
  221. Bunny Trouble by Hans Wilhelm
  222. More Bunny Trouble -//-
  223. Big, Bad Bunny Trouble -//-
  224. Benny's Chocolate Bunny by Janee Trasler
  225. Clifford's Big Red Easter by Nancy Parent
  226. Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes
  227. The Great Easter Egg Hunt by Michael Garland
  228. Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk
  229. The Very Hungyry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  230. Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas
  231. The Wacky Wedding by Pamela Duncan Edwads
  232. A Closer Look by Mary McCarthy
  233. Leo the Lightning Bug by Eric Drachman
  234. What the Ladybug Heard by Julia Donaldson
  235. I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd
  236. Jump! by Scott M. Fischer
  237. I Love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges
  238. Bugs at Play by David A. Carter
  239. Hello, Bug! by Smriti Prasadam
  240. Sleepyhead Bear by Lisa Westberg Peters
  241. Mud by Mary Lyn Ray
  242. It's Spring! by Linda Glaser
  243. Spring's Sprung by Lynn Plourde
  244. Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson
  245. Hooray for Spring! by Kazuo Iwamura
  246. Spring Sail by Larry Dane Brimner
  247. Spring Is Here, Grumpy Bunny! by Justine Kerman
  248. B Is For Bunny by Tanya Lee Stone
  249. Good Job, Oliver! by Laurel Molk
  250. Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson
  251. It's Spring! by Jimmy Pickering
  252. Spring Is Here by Will Hillenbrand
  253. Ready for Spring by Marthe Jocelyn
  254. Tucker Took It! by Bruce Van Patter
  255. Toot & Puddle by Holly Hobbie
  256. Pig-Boy by Gerald McDermott
  257. Captain Small Pig by Martin Waddel
  258. Pigaroons by Arthur Geisert
  259. Z-Z-Zoink! Bernard Most 
  260. Pigges by Audrey Wood
  261. Dream Big by Ian Falconer
  262. Wendel's Workshop by Chris Riddell
  263. Mama Robot by Davide Cali
  264. Scooby-Doo and the Rotton Robot by Mariah Balaban
  265. I Spy a Runaway Robot by Dan Marzollo
  266. Robot-Bot-Bot by Fernando Krahn
  267. Today I Am a Robot by Jane Bottomley
  268. R-Robot Saves Lunch by R. Nicholas Kuszyk
  269. If I Had a Robot by Dan Yaccarino
  270. Robots Everywhere by Denny Hebson
  271. Oh No! by Mac Barnett
  272. The Trouble With Sisters and Robots by Steven Gritton
  273. The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas
  274. Rolie Polie by Olie William
  275. Watch Out for Wolfgang by Paul Carrick
  276. The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Ted Dewan
  277. Start Saving, Henry! by Nancy Carlson
  278. Cosmo and the Robot by Brian Pinkney
  279. Robot Zot! by Jon Scieszka
  280. Easter Bugs by David A. Carter
  281. Here Comes Easter! by Caroline Jayne Church
  282. Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter by Jane O'Conner
  283. ABCs of Easter by Patricia Reeder Eubank
  284. Elephant in the Bathtub by Kristina Andres
  285. Angel and the Polar Bear by Marie-Louse Gay
  286. Never Mail an Elephant by Mike Thaler
  287. Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na
  288. Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming
  289. The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick
  290. Hurry Up and Slow Down by Layn Marlow
  291. Hi, Harry! by Martin Waddell
  292. Hurry Up, Franklin by Paulette Bourgeois
  293. The Foolish Turtle by Richard Buckley
  294. One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies
  295. What Newt Could Do For Turtle by Jonathan Condon
  296. Into the Sea by Brenda Z. Guiberson
  297. Hip & Hop, Don't Stop! by Jef Czekaj
  298. Scoot! by Cathryn Falwell
  299. Where Should Turtle Be? by Susan Ring
  300. Just Like Bossy Bear by David Horvath
  301. Follow the Moon by Sarah Weeks
  302. The Berenstain Bear Go on Vacation by Stan & Jan Berenstain with Mike Berenstain
  303. Just Grandma and Me by Mercer Mayer
  304. Clifford and the Big Storm by Norman Bridwell
  305. Seashore Baby by Elise Broach
  306. Sand Sister by Amanda White
  307. A Beach Tail by Karen Lynn Williams
  308. At the Beach by Anne & Harlow Rockwell
  309. Curious George Goes to the Beach by Magaret & H. A. Rey
  310. To the Beach! by Linda Ashman
  311. The Cow That Laid an Egg by Andy Cutbill
  312. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
  313. Cows Going Past by Bruce Balan
  314. A Particular Cow by Mem Fox
  315. Story County Here We Come! by Derek Anderson
  316. Boo Cow by Patricia Baehr
  317. The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming
  318. Boo-Hoo Moo by Keith Graves
  319. Peek-a-Moo by Marie Torres Cimarusti
  320. The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson
  321. Robot Dog by Mark Oliver
  322. Here in Space by David Milgrim
  323. Dawdle Duckling by Toni Buzzeo
  324. The Bear on the Bed by Ruth Miller
  325. Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Purple Problem by Ruth Ohi
  326. That's Not My Robot by Fiona Watt
  327. Peek-a-Moo! by Bernard Most
  328. The Long-Nosed Pig by Keith Faulkner
  329. Over in the Meadown by Olive A. Wadsworth
  330. A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea by Michael Ian Black
  331. Little Oink by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  332. I'd Really Like to Eat a Child by Sylviane Donnio
  333. Platypus by Chris Riddell
  334. Beach Day by Karen Roosa
  335. The Sandcastle Contest by Robert Munsch
  336. Back to the Beach by Heidi Jardine Stoddart
  337. Miranda's Beach Day by Holly Keller
  338. Come On, Rain! by Karen Hesse
  339. Ladybug Girl at the Beach by Jacky Davis
  340. Pig Little by Mike Thaler
  341. Beach Day! by Anahid Hamparian
  342. Bugs in my Hair?! by Catherine Stier
  343. Whoo? Whoo? by David A. Carter
  344. Everywhere the Cow Says "Moo!" by Ellen Slusky Weinstein
  345. Fair Cow by Leslie Helakoski
  346. Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss
  347. Piggies in the Kitchen by Michelle Meadows
  348. Counting Cows by Michelle Medlock Adams
  349. Pepo and Lolo Are Friends by Ana Martín Larrañaga
  350. Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch by Mary Peterson and Jennifer Rofé
  351. The Trouble With Dad by Babette Cole
  352. Hot City by Barbara Joosse
  353. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  354. Clifford Keeps Cool by Normal Bridwell
  355. The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg
  356. The Giant Ball of String by Arthur Geisert
  357. It's Vacation Time by Lerryn Korda
  358. The Big Whilte Book With Almost Nothing In It by Mike Bowlow
  359. Mickey Moonbean -//-
  360. Do Pigs Have Striples by Melanie Walsh
  361. Totty by Paola Opal
  362. 17 Things I Am Not Allowed to Do Anymore by Jenny Offil
  363. Alaska's Three Pigs by Arlene Laverde
  364. Who Took the Cookies From the Cookie Jar? by Bonnie Lass and Philemon Sturges
  365. Everybody Has a Teddy by Virginia Kroll
  366. Hugo & Miles in I've Painted Everything! by Scott Magoon
  367. Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair by Harriet Lerner and Susan Goldhor
  368. Swimsuit by Kit Allen
  369. The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear by David Bruins
  370. Ninja Cowboy Bear Presents The Way of the Ninja -//-
  371. Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  372. The Special Blankie by M. Christina Butler
  373. Hedgehog Howdedo by Lynley Dodd
  374. The Prickly Hedgehog by Mark Ezra
  375. Help! by Holly Keller
  376. Hedgie's Surprise by Jan Brett
  377. Hello Sun! by Hans Wilhelm
  378. Miss Jasper's Garden by N. M. Bodecker
  379. The Three Hedgehogs by Javier Sáez Castán
  380. Hedgie Blasts Off by Jan Brett
  381. What Happened to Marion's Book? by Brook Berg
  382. Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel
  383. Katie Discovers Summer by Liesbet Slegers
  384. The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist
  385. Franklin in the Dark by Paulette Bourgeois
  386. Canoe Days by Gary Paulsen
  387. One Summer Day by Kim Lewis
  388. A Witch's Spell by Sandy Nightingale
  389. A Summery Saturday Morning by Margaret Mahy
  390. Harry Hungry! by Steven Salerno
  391. Summer by Chris L. Demarest
  392. Moosetache by Margie Palatini
  393. Island Summer by Catherine Stock
  394. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin
  395. Rain Makes Applesauce by Julian Scheer
  396. Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
  397. Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins
  398. One Green Apple by Eve Bunting
  399. Apple Cider Making Days by Ann Purmell
  400. Four Red Apples by David McKee
  401. The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall
  402. Apples by Jacqueline Farmer
  403. All for Pie, Pie for All by David Martin
  404. Our Apple Tree by Görel Kristina Näslund
  405. A New House for Mouse by Petr Horacek
  406. Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington
  407. The Apple Pie that Papa Baked by Lauren Thompson
  408. Apple Countdown Joan Holub
  409. Apple Picking Time by Michele Benoit Slawson
  410. Little Apple Goat by Caroline Jayne Church
  411. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman
  412. One Red Apple by Harriet Ziefert
  413. Cats, Cats, Cats! by Lesèa Newman
  414. Bad Cat Puts On His Top Hat by Tracy-Lee McGuinness-Kelly
  415. The Little Cats ABC Book by Martin Leman
  416. Cats Sleep Anywhere by Eleanor Farjeen
  417. Kitty Up! by Elizabeth Wojtusik
  418. Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman
  419. Guess Who Purrs by Dana Meahen Rau
  420. When Cats Dream by Dav Pilkey
  421. Dinah! A Cat Adventure by Kae Nishimura
  422. Drat That Fat Cat! by Pat Thompson
  423. A Cat and a Dog by Claire Masurel
  424. Have You Got My Purr? by Judy West
  425. Cat Count by Betsy Lewin
  426. That Cat Can't Stay by Thad Krasnesky
  427. Millions of Cats by Wanda Gág
  428. Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schaehner
  429. Posy by Linda Newberry
  430. Where Is Tippy Toes? by Betsy Lewin
  431. Cat Jumped In! by Tess Weaver
  432. Clarence the Copy Cat by John Manders
  433. The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
  434. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back -//-
  435. Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
  436. If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff
  437. I Don't Want a Cool Cat! by Emma Dodd
  438. Stripy Horse by Jim Helmore
  439. The Tangerine Bear by Betty Paraskevas
  440. Is It Red? Is It Yellow? Is It Blue? by Tana Hoban
  441. Benedict by Teresa Duran
  442. Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett
  443. Red Is a Dragon by Rosanne Thong
  444. I Broke My Truck by Mo Willems
  445. Gobble It Up! by Jim Arnosky
  446. Our Twitchy by Kes Gray
  447. Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont
  448. Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler
  449. Hedgehog, Pig, and the Sweet Little Friend by Lena Anderson
  450. Prairie Summer by Nancy Hundal
  451. Double Pink by Kate Feiffer
  452. Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier
  453. Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
  454. The Colours of Us by Karen Katz
  455. Too Purpley! by Jean Reidy
  456. Carmine: A Little More Red by Melissa Sweet
  457. My Crayons Talk by Patricia Hubbard
  458. Lemons Are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  459. What Colour Is Caesar? by Maxine Kumin
  460. A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman
  461. A Visitor for Bear by Bonnie Becker
  462. One Dark Night by Lisa Wheeler
  463. The Cheese by Margie Palatini
  464. Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young
  465. Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsay Barrett George
  466. Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh
  467. Dot & Jabbet and the Great Acorn Mystery -//-
  468. Dot & Jabber and the Mystery of the Missing Stream -//-
  469. Dot & Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery -//-
  470. The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood
  471. Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley
  472. Mouse Was Mad by Linda Urban
  473. Whose Mouse Are You? by Robert Kraus
  474. Eek! There's A Mouse in the House by Wong Herbert Yee
  475. One Little Mouse by Dori Chaconas
  476. Mouse by Mouse by Julia Noonan
  477. Library Mouse: A World to Explore by Daniel Kirk
  478. Wallace's Lists by Barbara Bottner and Gerald Kruglik
  479. Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
  480. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson
  481. 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pikley
  482. A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman
  483. Thanksgiving Treat by Catherine Stock
  484. The Thanksgiving Mystery by Gail Herman
  485. The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings by Stan & Jan Berenstain
  486. The Berenstain Bears' Thanksgiving -//-
  487. The Berentain Bears Give Thanks -//-
  488. Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' by Eileen Spinelli
  489. The Firefighters' Thanksgiving by Maribeth Boelts
  490. Thank You, Sarah by Laurie Halse Anderson
  491. We Gather Together... Now Please Get Lost! by Diane de Grant
  492. Arthur's Thanksgiving by Marc Brown
  493. Thanksgiving Day at Our House by Nancy White Carlstrom
  494. Little Quack Loves Colors by Lauren Thompson
  495. 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston
  496. No Clean Clothes by Robert Munsch
  497. Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup
  498. Except the Color Grey by Arlene Alda
  499. The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf
  500. Daisy Plays Hide-and-Seek by Ellie Sandall
  501. Mad About Plaid by Jill McElmurry
  502. Who Is Your Favorite Monster, Mama? by Barbara Shook Hazen
  503. Twelve Terrible Things by Marty Kelley
  504. My Friend the Monster by Eleanor Taylor
  505. Monster Math by Anne Miranda
  506. The Very Worst Monster by Pat Hutchins
  507. My Mama Say There Aren't Any Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires, Creatures, Demons, Monsters, Fiends, Goblins, or Things by Judith Viorst
  508. One Hungry Monster by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe
  509. Skelly & Femur by Jimmy Pickering
  510. Porkenstein by Kathryn Lasky
  511. Big Lips and Hairy Arms by Jean Jackson
  512. There Was an Old Monster by Rebecca Emberley
  513. Monster Mama by Liz Rosenberg
  514. Thirteen O'Clock by James Stimson
  515. The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone
  516. Another Monster at the End of this Book -//-
  517. There Are Monsters Everywhere by Mercer Mayer
  518. When a Monster is Born by Sean Taylor
  519. Everything I Know About Monsters by Tom Lichtenheld
  520. 13 Monsters Who Should Be Avoided by Kevin Shortsleeve
  521. Monster Museum by Marilyn Singer
  522. Show and Tell by Robert Munsch
  523. Purple, Green, and Yellow -//-
  524. The Fire Station -//-
  525. I Have to Go -//-
  526. Roly Poly Prickly Hedgehog by Sylvia Helen Vincent
  527. My First Colors: Let's Learn Them All by Sarah Davis and Dawn Sirett
  528. The Secret of Saying Thanks by Douglas Wood
  529. By a Thread by Ned Dickens
  530. Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall
  531. Lucky Leaves by Kevin O'Malley
  532. Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell
  533. The Scarecrow's Hat by Kevin Brown
  534. What Happens in the Autumn by Suzanne Venino
  535. A Friend For All Seasons by Mei Natsuoka
  536. Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber
  537. The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown
  538. Wild Child by Lynn Plourde
  539. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson
  540. Animals in Fall by Martha E. H. Rustad
  541. When Autumn Falls by Kelli Nidley
  542. The Leaves on the Trees by Thom Wiley
  543. The Bones of Fred McFee by Eve Bunting
  544. Scared Silly! by Marc Brown
  545. Shy Mama's Halloween by Anne Broyles
  546. The First Spell of Winnefred Broomstock by Peter G. Blank
  547. Happy Halloween, Little Critter! by Mercer Mayer
  548. Franklin's Halloween by Paulette Bourgeois
  549. Julius's Candy Corn by Kevin Henkes
  550. Boo! by Lark Carrier
  551. On Halloween -//-
  552. The Mystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin by Steven Kellogg
  553. The Berenstain Bear Trick or Treat by Stan & Jan Berenstain
  554. The Best Halloween of All by Susan Wojciechowski
  555. CinderHazel by Deborah Nourse Lattimore
  556. Wobble the Witch Cat by Mary Calhoun
  557. Dracula and Frankentein Are Friend by Katherine Tegen
  558. Jeoffry's Halloween by Mary Bryana Bailey
  559. T.Rex Trick-or-Treats by Lois G. Grambling
  560. Dem Bones by Bob Barner
  561. Annie Was Warned by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  562. The Haunted House by Kazuno Kohara
  563. In a Dark, Dark Wood by David A. Carter
  564. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! by Lucille Colandro
  565. Vunco Upon a Time by J. Otto Seibold and Siobhan Vivian
  566. The Costume Copycat by Maryann Macdonald
  567. Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O'Connell
  568. Halloween Sky Ride by Elizabeth Spun
  569. Fright Night Flight by Laura Krauss Melmed
  570. The Halloween Queen by Joan Holub
  571. Algernon Graeves is Scary Enough by Peter Bollinger
  572. Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex
  573. Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson
  574. Where Is Baby's Pumpkin? by Karen Katz
  575. Bird Child by Nan Forler
  576. Elsie's Bird by Jane Yolen
  577. My Beak, Your Beak by Melanie Wlash
  578. "I'm Not Cute!" by Jonathan Allen
  579. "I'm Not Scared!" -//-
  580. Bird & Birdy in a Fine Day by Ethan Long
  581. The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! by Mo Willems
  582. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Taback
  583. The Wildest Brother by Cornelia Funke
  584. Snip Snap! What's That? by Mara Bergman
  585. Eddie Longpants by Mireille Levert
  586. Chugg-chugg Choo-Choo by Kevin Lewis
  587. Old Black Fly by Kim Aylesworth
  588. Easy Street by Rita Gray
  589. The Jolly Postman: Or Other People's Letters by Janet and Allen Ahlberg
  590. Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard
  591. Blue Burt and Wiggles by Derek Anderon
  592. A Poet's Bird Garden by Laura Nyman Montenegro
  593. Duck, Duck, Moose by David Horowitz
  594. Basil's Birds by Lynn Rowe Reed
  595. The Birdwatchers by Simon James
  596. The Ugly Duckling by Eduard Jose
  597. Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London
  598. Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
  599. Suki's Jimono by Chieri Uegaki
  600. Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor
  601. Shoe-la-la! by Karen Beaumont
  602. Lily's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes
  603. New Socks by Bob Shea
  604. Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? by Carmele La Vigna Coyle
  605. Centipede's 100 Shoes by Tony Ross
  606. Jennie's Hat by Ezra Jack Keats
  607. Underwear Do's and Don'ts by Todd Parr
  608. The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweather... That Grandma Knit by Debbie Macomber & Mary Lou Carney
  609. Gossie by Olivier Dunrea
  610. Gossie & Gertie -//-
  611. The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss
  612. Buttons by Brook Cole
  613. Monster Motel by Douglas Florian
  614. Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley
  615. Thanksgiving Rules by Laurie Friedman
  616. A Pioneer Thanksgiving by Barbara Greenwood
  617. Press Here by Hervé Tullet
  618. Little Buggy Runs Away by Kevin O'Malley
  619. Lucky Ladybugs by Gladys Conklin
  620. Ladybug, Ladybug by Ruth Brown
  621. Look for Ladybugs by Dana Meachen Rau
  622. Ladybug, Ladybug, What Are You Doing? by Jo Cleland
  623. Lara Ladybug by Christine Florie
  624. Ten Little Ladybugs in My Jar by Carey Rigby-Wilcox
  625. The Very Lazy Ladybug by Isobel Finn
  626. Ladybug Girl by Jacky Davis
  627. Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy -//-
  628. Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad -//-
  629. Mean Soup by Betsy Everitt
  630. Alphabet Soup by Scott Gustafson
  631. Tomato Soup by Thacher Hurd
  632. The Pea Soup Fog by Connie Macdonald Smith
  633. Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert
  634. Stone Soup by Marcia Brown
  635. Martha Speaks by usan Meddaugh
  636. The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza
  637. Dumpking Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan
  638. Stone Soup by Lesley Sims
  639. A Pipkin of Pepper by Helen Cooper
  640. Bravery Soup by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
  641. Pea Soup and Sea Serpants by William Schroder
  642. An Island in the Soup by Mireille Levert
  643. Surprise Soup by Mary Ann Rodman
  644. Bear Sleep Soup by Jasper Tomkins
  645. Souperchicken by Mary Jane Auch
  646. Alvie Eats Soup by Ross Collins
  647. Perfect Soup by Lisa Moser
  648. Carrot oup by John Segal
  649. Soup Day by Melissa Iwai
  650. Cowboy Baby by Sue Heap
  651. Lasso Lou and Cowboy McCow by Barbara Larmon Failing
  652. The Bootmaker and the Elves by Susan Lowell
  653. Fandango Strew by David Davis
  654. A Cowboy Named Ernestine by Nicole Rubel
  655. Cowboy Slin by Julie Danneberg
  656. Bubba the Cowboy Prince by Helen Ketteman
  657. B is for Buckaroo by Louise Doak Whitney and Gleaves Whitney
  658. Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse by Rebecca Janni
  659. Every Cowgirl Needs Dancing Boots -//-
  660. Buster Goes to Cowboy Camp by Denise Fleming
  661. Cowboy Bunnies by Christine Loomis
  662. Cowboy Camp by Tammi Sauer
  663. I Want to Be a Cowgirl by Jeanne Willis
  664. The Gingerbread Cowboy by Janet Squires
  665. Giddy Up, Cowgirl by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  666. Cowboy Small by Lois Lenski
  667. Cowboy Sam and those Confounded Secrets by Kitty Griffin and Kathy Combs
  668. Snow Party by Harriet Ziefert
  669. Terrible Storm by Carol Otis Hurst
  670. Is That You, Winter? by Stephen Gammell
  671. Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara
  672. Frozen Noses by Jan Carr
  673. Un-Brella by Scott E. Franson
  674. Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch
  675. Holly's Red Boots by Fransesca Chessa
  676. It's Winter by Linda Glaser
  677. Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser
  678. Danny's First Snow by Leonid Gore
  679. Snow Day! by Lester L. Laminack
  680. Chaucer's First Winter by Stephen Krensky
  681. Old Bear by Kevin Henkes
  682. Snow Moon Nicholas Brunelle
  683. Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van
  684. Jenny and the Hanukkah Queen by Jean Little
  685. A Confused Hanukkah by Jon Koons
  686. My First Kwanzaa by Karen Katz
  687. K is for Kwanzaa by Juwanda G. Ford
  688. Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa by Donna L. Washington
  689. A Message for Santa by Hiawyn Oram
  690. Ho, Ho, Ho, Tucker! by Leslie McGuirk
  691. If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numeroff
  692. Hanukkah Lights by David Martin
  693. Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett
  694. The Little Drummer Mouse by Mercer Mayer
  695. Santa Kid by James Patterson
So. 695. MAN, I wish I'd read 5 more books so I could have gotten to 700 XD

Anyways. Yeah. 695.

My hands hurt. I'm going to go ice my wrists. 

Peace and cookies,

Monday, February 27, 2012

2011 Reading Challenge Update/Books Read in 2011

(I know this is crazy late for me. I've been... just not in a mood to do it.)

So. The results of the 100 book reading challenge I did last year are... not so good. I'm a bit disappointed in myself but I'm hoping to do better this year.

Here's what I read last year (novels only in this list):

  1. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka
  2. Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton
  3. Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw
  4. Drought by Pam Bachorz
  5. The Julian Game by Adele Griffin
  6. Night Child by Jes Battis
  7. A Flash of Hex -//-
  8. Inhuman Resouces -//-
  9. Always and Forever Friends by C. S. Adler
  10. Just One Wish by Janette Rallison
  11. Paradise County by Karen Robards
  12. Coraline by Neil Gaiman, adapted by P. Craig Russell
  13. Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  14. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
  15. Where She Went -//-
  16. Worth the Trip by Penny McCall
  17. When Blood Calls by J. K. Beck
  18. When Pleasure Rules -//-
  19. When Wicked Craves -//-
  20. Future Imperfect by K. Ryer Breese
  21. Blue Moon by Lori Handeland
  22. Hunter's Moon -//-
  23. Dark Moon -//-
  24. Cresent Moon -//-
  25. Midnight Moon -//-
  26. Rising Moon -//-
  27. Hidden Moon -//-
  28. Thunder Moon -//-
  29. Marked by the Moon -//-
  30. Moon Cursed -//-
  31. Sweet Hannah Rose by Lori Copeland
  32. Birthright by Nora Roberts
  33. The Trouble With Harry by Katie MacAlister
  34. Sanctuary by Nora Roberts
  35. Charlie All Night by Jennifer Cruisie
  36. Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard
  37. This Matter of Marriage by Carla Cassidy
  38. Shadows in the Darkness by Elaine Cunningham
  39. Making Waves by Tawna Fenske
  40. Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell
*cough* Yeah. Not my best year. I'm going to put up a picture book post tomorrow to make myself feel better. :P

How did you guys do in 2011? Favourite books?

Peace and cookies,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (105)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by the lovely Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller - To be released June 19th, 2012

When Travis Stephenson returns home from Afghanistan, his parents are on the brink of divorce, his brother has stolen his girlfriend and his car, and nightmares of his best friend getting killed keep him completely spooked. But when he runs into Harper Gray, a girl who despises him for trashing her reputation with a middle school lie, life actually starts looking up. As Travis and Harper see more of each other, he starts falling for her and a way through the family meltdown, the post-traumatic stress, and the possibility of an interesting future begins to emerge.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want to read this: Have you guys met Trish Doller? Seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. And this is going to be an awesome book. *nods* Trust me.

Alright, next up, we have:

Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel - To be released June 26th, 2012

Callie LeRoux lives in Slow Run, Kansas, helping her mother run their small hotel and trying not to think about the father she's never met. Lately all of her energy is spent battling the constant storms plaguing the Dust Bowl and their effects on her health.

Callie is left alone, when her mother goes missing in a dust storm. Her only hope comes from a mysterious man offering a few clues about her destiny and the path she must take to find her parents in "the golden hills of the west" - California. Along the way she meets Jack a young hobo boy who is happy to keep her company—there are dangerous, desperate people at every turn.

And there's also an otherworldly threat to Callie. Warring fae factions, attached to the creative communities of American society, are very aware of the role this half-mortal, half-fae teenage girl plays in their fate.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: Things about the Dust Bowl are fascinating. I (very, very, very) briefly ran a book club for grade 4-6 kids and I got this resource book that had all sorts of books in it and one unit thing was based on Karen Hesse' Out of the Dust Bowl. I thought that would a great thing for a book club to do, but maybe come summer (when it's hot and dry in Saskatchewan), depending on what hours I'll have V, we could do something like that. But with MG books for her because she's 8 and this one for me as a treat. I totally rambled there, but anyways, this sounds awesome!

What are you guys waiting on?

Peace and cookies,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (104)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by the lovely Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Miracle by Elizabeth Scott - To be released June 5th, 2012

I sat there and wondered again why I'd lived…

Megan is a miracle. At least, that’s what everyone says. Having survived a plane crash that killed everyone else on board, Megan knows she should be grateful just to be alive. The truth is, she doesn’t feel like a miracle. In fact, she doesn’t feel anything at all.

Then memories from the crash start coming back. Scared and alone, Megan doesn’t know who to turn to. Her entire community
seems unable—or maybe unwilling—to see her as anything but Miracle Megan. Except for Joe, the beautiful boy next door with a tragic past and secrets of his own.

All Megan wants is for her life to get back to normal, but the harder she tries to live up to everyone’s expectations, the worse she feels. This time, she may be falling too fast to be saved…

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want to read this: I *cough* haven't read any of Elizabeth Scott's books. I know. *is shunned by all* But holy heck, Batman, this sounds beautiful and heartbreaking and like it would make me cry and I would really, really like to read it.

All These Lives by Sarah Wylie - To be released June 5th, 2012

Sixteen-year-old Dani is convinced she has nine lives. As a child she twice walked away from situations where she should have died. But Dani’s twin, Jena, isn’t so lucky. She has cancer and might not even be able to keep her one life. Dani’s father is in denial. Her mother is trying to hold it together and prove everything’s normal. And Jena is wasting away.

To cope, Dani sets out to rid herself of all her extra lives. Maybe they’ll be released into the universe and someone who wants to live more than she does will get one. Someone like Jena. But just when Dani finds herself at the breaking point, she’s faced with a startling realization. Maybe she doesn’t have nine lives after all. Maybe she really only ever had one.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: *sniffle sniffle* This one is going to make me cry, too, I just know it. Why do people write such sad books?!?!?

(If you guys had read any of my WIPs, you'd know what a hypocritical thing this would be for me to say, lol.)

What do you guys think? What are you waiting on this Wednesday?

Peace and cookies,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! (85)

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! is where you guys get to see a song or two I like or that I want to talk about each week. Thanks as always goes to J.J. at Random Musings for help with the title.

(Rescued by Jack's Mannequin.)

I can't really get radio stations at my house and I don't have a car, so besides when I watch music channels, I don't really know what's popular in music, so I have no idea if you've heard of this song. But I really like it and I'm invoking the my blog, my rules thing ;)

What do you guys think?

Peace and cookies,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (103)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by the lovely Jill at Breaking the Spine.

What She Left Behind by Tracy Bilen - To be released May 1st, 2012

“Don’t even think of leaving…I will find you,” he whispered. “Guaranteed.”

Sara and her mom have a plan to finally escape Sara’s abusive father. But when her mom doesn’t show up as expected, Sara’s terrified. Her father says that she’s on a business trip, but Sara knows he’s lying. Her mom is missing—and her dad had something to do with it. Each day that passes, Sara’s more on edge. Her friends know that something’s wrong, but she won’t endanger anyone else with her secret. And with her dad growing increasingly violent, Sara must figure out what happened to her mom before it’s too late…for them both.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want to read this: It sounds really, really good. I have no better word for that, other than the feeling of, "This is a book I will enjoy." Also, look at that cover. Not just the beautiful picture and lighting and colours, but the font. I love how they have it arranged to kinda be hugging the trees and her name is in the corner and it's so pretty. Love it.

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis - To be released May 8th, 2012

It isn’t easy being the rather overlooked and unhappy youngest sibling to sisters named for the other six days of the week. Sunday’s only comfort is writing stories, although what she writes has a terrible tendency to come true.
When Sunday meets an enchanted frog who asks about her stories, the two become friends. Soon that friendship deepens into something magical. One night Sunday kisses her frog goodbye and leaves, not realizing that her love has transformed him back into Rumbold, the crown prince of Arilland—and a man Sunday’s family despises.

The prince returns to his castle, intent on making Sunday fall in love with him as the man he is, not the frog he was. But Sunday is not so easy to woo. How can she feel such a strange, strong attraction for this prince she barely knows? And what twisted secrets lie hidden in his past—and hers?

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: I absolutely adore fairy tale adaptations and this one sounds amazing.

So what are you guys waiting on this week?

Peace and cookies,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! (84)

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! is where you guys get to see a song or two I like or that I want to talk about each week. Thanks as always goes to J.J. at Random Musings for help with the title.

(You Got Me by Crash Kings.)

Peace and cookies,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (102)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by the lovely Jill at Breaking the Spine.

The Night She Disappeared by April Henry - To be released April 10th, 2012 (Which is really amusing. I wish there a Laina month. WOULDN'T THAT BE AWESOME?)

Gabie drives a Mini Cooper. She also works part time as a delivery girl at Pete’s Pizza. One night, Kayla—another delivery girl—goes missing. To her horror, Gabie learns that the supposed kidnapper had asked if the girl in the Mini Cooper was working that night. Gabie can’t move beyond the fact that Kayla’s fate was really meant for her, and she becomes obsessed with finding Kayla. She teams up with Drew, who also works at Pete’s. Together, they set out to prove that Kayla isn’t dead—and to find her before she is.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want to read this: I love mysteries and suspense. Some of my favourite books are murder mysteries, but most of them aren't YA, so this make me very happy. Also, I love the cover. She has a head and she's wearing pants!

Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris - To be released April 24th, 2012

A YA thriller, features a 17 year old girl who mysteriously comes back to life after dying in a car crash. She sets out to avenge her father’s murder, solve the case he was working on, and stop the rapidly approaching apocalypse. And unravel the mystery of the boy responsible for bringing her back to life.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: It's a short summary, but it's intriguing, isn't it? More mystery on top of the paranormal aspect that I really like the sound of and look!! She has a head and pants too!!

Alright, so, I'll talk to you guys next week.

Peace and cookies,