Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I Talk About on Twitter (1)

Voodoo dolls. I have at least eight... maybe more in the junk drawer that I just haven't found.

Oh... not that kind of voodoo doll (Ashy). Keychain voodoo dolls!! See:

Aren't they adorable? If you click the picture, it's pretty big. They're from those toonie gumball machines. I think they're totally cute. The one on the top left, the black stripey one with the heart, is on a keychain loop. The others just have the string type attachments.

(What do you think of these new posts? I think this might be fun.)

Peace and cookies,


  1. *runs and hides* ZOMG.

    Actually they're kinda cute. I want one. :D

  2. Uhum, when I read the first sentence I was like...OMGosh, then I started to giggle when you explained what kind of dolls you had.

  3. Ashy: I think they're supercute :) My mom hates them, though.

    LM: I'm not sticking pins into them or anything, don't worry :P lol


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