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Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I Talk About on Twitter (5)

Being sick. I've been sick twice in the last two months. (This is a lot for me. I work with kids, so if I got sick easily, I'd always be sick. And I stay sick for a loooong time, like a full two weeks. But I'm better now!)

Anyways, when I'm sick, especially if I have a fever, I can't go on the computer because it hurts my head so badly. So I pretty much hole up in my room. My bed usually looks something like this:

Books, movies, a notebook in case I decided to take review notes, my Elle Canada was there somewhere... and of course, tissue. Usually, though, I tend to avoid these boxes:

Because when I'm feverish/on cold meds, the cats creep me out.

I'll also sometimes do some work stuff, so there might be some picture books, too, but usually I just watch movies and read novels.

Hope none of you are sick now, but what do you guys like to do when you're sick?

Peace and cookies,
(Also, hello 2011!!)


  1. Aw, mann. Sorry to hear about the sickness!

    I'm sick a lot of the time so not much changes for me. I just tend to smell of mints and nap a lot ;)

  2. Great blog! Sorry about the sickness--when I'm sick, I get a Kleenex box and lots of hot tea and watch my favorite Disney movies.

    Hope you had a great New Years, despite illness. =)

  3. Mia: Don't worry, I'm better, I just space these posts out a lot :P I spend a lot of time around kids, so I don't get sick that often. Just had a bad November/December.

    Amanda: Good ideas!! :D


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