Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (72)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by the lovely Jill at Breaking the Spine.

I have absolutely NO theme this week besides the same release day. On the plus side, you won't have to wait long for either of these!

I Am J by Cris Beam - To be released March 1st, 2011

"Hola, Jeni."

J spun. His stomach clenched hard, as though he'd been hit. It was just the neighbor lady, Mercedes. J couldn't muster a hello back, not now; he didn't care that she'd tell his mom he'd been rude. She should know better. Nobody calls me Jeni anymore.

J always felt different. He was certain that eventually everyone would understand who he really was: a boy mistakenly born as a girl. Yet as he grew up, his body began to betray him; eventually J stopped praying to wake up a "real boy" and started covering up his body, keeping himself invisible - from his family, from his friends...from the world. But after being deserted by the best friend he thought would always be by his side, J decides that he's done hiding - it's time to be who he really is. And this time he is determined not to give up, no matter the cost.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want to read this: I've read a book that sounds a bit like this, Luna, and loved it, so I can't wait to read this one. :)

Dark Mirror by M.J. Putney - To be released March 1st, 2011

Lady Victoria Mansfield, youngest daughter of the Earl and
Countess of Fairmount, is destined for a charmed life. Soon she
will be presented during the London season, where she can choose a mate worthy of her status.

Yet Tory has a shameful secret—a secret so powerful that, if exposed, it could strip her of her position and disgrace her family forever. Tory’s blood is tainted... by magic. When a shocking accident forces Tory to demonstrate her despised skill, the secret she’s fought so hard to hide is revealed for all to see. She is immediately exiled to Lackland Abbey, a reform school for young men and women in her position. There she will learn to suppress her deplorable talents and maybe, if she’s one of the lucky ones, be able to return to society.

But Tory’s life is about to change forever. All that she’s ever known or considered important will be challenged. What lies ahead is only the beginning of a strange and wonderful journey into a world where destiny and magic come together, where true love and friendship find her, and where courage and strength of character are the only things that determine a young girl’s worth.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want to read this: Okay. Story time! Once upon a time, when I was a wee little Laina, I had an imaginary friend who lived in the mirror. Now, I have no idea how much mirrors are actually part of this, but the person looking back at her from the other side of the mirror is really speaking to me in the cover.

Okay, so what are you guys waiting on this week?
Peace and cookies,

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  1. Imaginary friend in a mirror? Sounds like a good story waiting to be written! :D

    Both look way interesting.

  2. I want to read Dark Mirror by M.J. Putney as wel.
    my pick this week was I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler

  3. LM: Me too!!

    Ashe: Haha, I think I stole it from Rugrats, actually XD

    Sarah: That one looks good!


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