Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I Talk About on Twitter (7)

Nail polish. I've done fake nails like this:

But my true love is nail polish.

Yeah. There are actually a couple missing from

How do I store that? In a box. (With a fox. And some lox.)

Some of my favourite nail looks (be warned, some of these are weird pictures. It's hard taking pictures of your nails with your webcam!):

Neon orange. It's SO bright in real life.

Black and white striples. This was one of my favourite looks. It made me feel like Cruella de Vil. Only... you know, without the puppy killing part.

And most recently - ladybugs!

Peace and cookies,


  1. How fun is all that nail polish?! I love the little ladybugs - too cute!

  2. I love it. My latest was five different colours because I got new nail polishes and wanted to try them all. I figured if I did the same thing on BOTH hands, it wouldn't look so crazy. XD


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