Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I Talk About on Twitter (10)

Remember when I did one of these posts about makeup and showed you the drawers I keep mine in? See the basket on the top? That's where I keep my hair products. Let's examine that a little closer.

Doesn't really look like that much, right? (Yes, I have two bottles of the same spray. One of them is running out and knowing me, I'd run out on a day I'm running late.)

But let's lay everything in the basket out:

Yeah. That's two regular brushes, one paddle brush, two round brushes, three combs, one tiny brush, two or three kinds of hair spray and, well, tons of stuff. The stuff I use the most is in the bottom left corner

The sad thing? My mom's store just got a bunch of new hair stuff I want to try.

Peace and cookies,


  1. The question is how often do you use all those products? As long as you're not using a ton of it everyday it's not so bad!

    You should see how many products my older sister has for her hair. She beats you by about double.

  2. Everytime I shower and go out, it's curl definining spray and gel. When it's dry and I curl it, heat protecting spray and hair spray. ;)

  3. Hey you use Got2B products? They are the best that I have ever found <3

  4. Marysgate: I do! I like them a lot, too, because they're cheap but they work nice :)


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