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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! (79)

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! is where you guys get to see a song or two I like or that I want to talk about each week. Thanks as always goes to J.J. at Random Musings for help with the title.

(August 28th 3:30 AM by Automatic Loveletter.)

This is the most played song in my library but I've never shared it here. It's a bit older so you might have heard of it, but if you haven't, it's definitely worth a listen!

Tell me what you think in the comments!

Peace and cookies,
(Also, happy early New Year's!)


  1. Automatic Loveletter <3

    Hehe. I'm pretty sure you were the one who got me addicted to them when you posted a song by them a year or so ago. (Wow, we've been blogging for so long :O )

  2. I love this song! Haven't heard iti n a while XD


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