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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! (85)

Fun Friday: Give Me Something to Sing About! is where you guys get to see a song or two I like or that I want to talk about each week. Thanks as always goes to J.J. at Random Musings for help with the title.

(Rescued by Jack's Mannequin.)

I can't really get radio stations at my house and I don't have a car, so besides when I watch music channels, I don't really know what's popular in music, so I have no idea if you've heard of this song. But I really like it and I'm invoking the my blog, my rules thing ;)

What do you guys think?

Peace and cookies,


  1. Lol it's not a mainstream song by it's pretty popular XD I can always tell you what I find that's not popular/popular. I'm glad you posted this one :)

  2. Great pick! I love Jack's Mannequin. However, I have no idea of what is popular and what isn't. I like what I like:)

    1. Thanks!! I have a general idea of the top 40ish kinda thing now that we actually have 2 music channels that aren't country music, but not always XD


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