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Thursday, March 7, 2019

I've Moved!

This Blogger blog is going to remain up and searchable. (Though I'll probably turn off comments after a while.) I used to use the Wordpress for back-up, but what I'm going to do is any post before 2017, I'm going to make private on Wordpress. It'll still be here on Blogger but... I need some space from 15 year old Laina. She was great, but she was a lot. (She also thought she was straight, which was weird.) I'm not going to erase everything I did as a teenager from the internet, but some of this is going to get some distance.

Also, just fyi, because of how backing up a blog works, my comments did transfer so don't feel weird if you commented here and see it there.

I do still have a post listing all my reviews on Wordpress. Those links will go to this blog for anything before the move. Any review after the move will link to Wordpress. The Anne of Green Gables posts will be mirrored there since they're new so the masterpost there will just link to posts on Wordpress. 

Long story short, follow me on Wordpress!

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