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Sensitivity and Beta Reading Services

I offer sensitivity reading and beta reading. I have almost a decade of experience in blogging and reviewing YA and MG, and have extensive experience beta reading and sensitivity reading. I can work on drafts, scenes, short stories, or full manuscripts, and among many different drafts. YA is what I'm most well-versed in, but I also love middle grade, and I will read for romance and some adult work. Any genre within YA or MG is fine, but for adult books, I largely prefer romance and some urban fantasy. I will not read erotica.

I've also read hundreds of picture books and am very experienced with them. I ran a library program for eight years working with preschoolers and picture books, and I am very familiar with what makes a picture book work.

All prices in USD.

Beta Reading

This is not editing, but I can read your work and provide feedback to help you figure out what's working, and what's not, with story structure, conflict, characters, continuity, POV, and more. I will use track changes in Microsoft Word to leave comments as I read, and provide a one to two page document of my summarizing thoughts.


Short stories, picture books, beginner readers, and chapter books (up to 10k): $30
Novellas (up to 25k words): $50
Novels (up to 75k words): $150
Novels (up to 100k words): $200

Sensitivity Reading

I can sensitivity read for asexual representation, aromantic representation, and fat representation.

This is also not editing, and this is not beta reading either. This will not include feedback unrelated to what I'm SRing for. This is not an endorsement of your book. I will again use track changes to make notes as I read, and then provide a one to page document of my summarizing thoughts. I also offer one free reread within three months after your initial SR to comment on changes you've made, and if anything has slipped past. This will not be as extensive as the first one.


Specific scenes or concept analysis: $25
Short stories, picture books, beginner readers, and chapter books (up to 10k): $40
Novellas (up to 25k words): $100
Novels (up to 75k words): $225
Novels (up to 100k words): $250

Most SRs and Beta Reads can be completed within two to three weeks, but it will depend on the project as each is unique. Remember that I am only one person, and I do not represent everyone who I share marginalization with. Hiring more than one sensitivity reader is the best way for best results.

Half of payment through Paypal is required upfront with the other half paid when the project is completed and returned to you. I understand these money can be tight, and if you really can't afford these, email me and we'll talk. I am willing to be flexible depending on the situation.

When you email me, please include the title of the novel, your name, a brief synopsis including the genre, category, and length of both the full project and what you want me to read (if they vary), what you would like me to read for, and if there is a deadline or any type. I'd also like to know if you are comfortable with me talking about the fact that we worked together on Twitter, and talking about your book if it is published, because if I like books I like to do that.

I look forward to working with you!


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