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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old books. :)

I'm taking this idea from Shalonda at Shalonda's Blog, because it's a really cool idea. (The pictures aren't that great, sorry, and you can kinda see my feet in them... and frig I set the date stamp wrong)

So anyways, I have...

Nine Goosebumps books, one Goosebumps Series 2000, one Ghosts of Fear Street, twelve Fear Street books, and one other R. L. Stine book.

Then I

Two baby-sitters club books and eleven Baby-sitter's Little Sister books.

And then...

Nine Nancy Drew books. (When I saw them at the library sale, I felt sorry for them. I have a stuffed blue elephant and Lefty for the same reason...)


Nine Christopher Pike books (What's with all the nines?)

And finally, some random older books, just to give you an idea of what I own.

Also in these ones, you can see part of how messy my room is, and a pair of socks I got for Christmas. :P

So that's all for now. :) I'm cleaning again today, but I should get reading and get a review up soon. Current book is Tweaked by Katherine Holubitsky.



  1. OMG Diane Hoh. I've been mooching a lot of old school books lately. I just reread Die Softly by Christophe Pike. I really loved it.

    Oh I used to love all those EEK! My Teachers are aliens books too.

  2. I'm rereading Eternal Enemy now by Pike. That is the one with the vcr that tells the future.

  3. wow you have so many books :0 Like me :)

  4. Sleepover Friends, The Littles!!! I forgot all about those.

    I love this collection!

  5. Alea, thanks!! It's still a new camera, so I'm not great with it yet.

    Sharon: I actually still sorta like Diane Hoh... lol. Aren't those books fun?

    Ashley: Yeah, that's not even the half of it. :)

    Shalonda: There's more. This could totally be a weekly thing, lol.

  6. Was that your room or a library *grin*


  7. I remember my Baby Sitter Club Days.. hehe

  8. Oh wow - I used to read all those Christopher Pike books. Didn't know Remember Me had a third book!

  9. Aw I used to love Goosebump books!

    Wdebo :)

  10. I feel like such an oddball for owning NONE of those books, well except for one R.L. Stine book ;P

  11. Haha, you're not odd. You're probably a lot more normal than me... lol


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