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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Friday and awards

Hey, guys, sorry for the lack of posting lately. Like I said before, I had some insane computer issues, and I finally got it pretty much all fixed up, but I haven't really been reading YA lately as I have a lot of other overdue library books to read first, so I don't really have anything to review. But now that my computer is back to normal, I will be posting Waiting on Wednesday posts again, and (circumstances allowing, which they unfortunately haven't been lately) In My Mailbox posts.

Anyways, I got two awards recently.

The first is:

One Lovely Blog Award. This is the award given to new blogs and blogging friends that the blogger has just discovered. I got this one from Dibbly Fresh whose blog I love. I'm going to rebel here and not do any nominating because, well, I'm lazy and I'm just going to be super grateful, okay?

The other is:

The zombie chicken award. I have been hoping desperately for this one for ages! It is SO cool! This one I got from Amanda at Reviewabook123.blogspot.com, who totally rocks.

Now, to explain Fun Friday. I love music. That's why I can't bring myself to get rid of the music player on my sidebar. So I thought that every Friday I'd post a video (or three) of songs I like. What do you guys think?

The first song is Music Is My Boyfriend by Skye Sweetnam. She made the video herself, and it is really cool.

The second song is also by Skye (I just found her second CD and I'm addicted to it) and it's called My Favourite Tune.

The third (and last, more than three is too many) is also by Skye. It's called Cartoon.

Is it just me or does Cartoon remind anyone else of those bad kitty books? Not to mention that song on the Twilight soundtrack, Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) by Perry Farrel. (Also, I totally love the end of the song, it cracks me up.) All three of these songs are off of Skye's CD Sound Soldier.

That's all for now, but what do you guys think of this feature? Also, I suck at coming up with titles for things, so please don't flame me for Fun Friday being the best I can think of.
Peace and cookies,


I KNEW there was another one, but
I totally can't remember a darn thing if you don't leave a note for me somewhere.

This is the Splash award. I received it from H at About Books. Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks again to everyone!


  1. Sorry, I should have commented and told you but I'm lazy :)

  2. not related, but I love the new "New moon" countdown! can't wait.

  3. H: Nah, it's fine, I just zoned, lol. Braindead ol' me :P

    KD: Thank you! I can't either.

    Amanda: Thank you, you're the one who gave me the award. :)

  4. Nice feature Laina. I love Skye Sweetnam and I love those 3 songs.

  5. Thanks, I didn't know you did, too. :)

  6. And another, because I nominated you for an award over at my blog. :)

  7. Heyy, you got a lil something over at my blog.

  8. Congrats. Love your blog, Laina!


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