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Monday, April 6, 2009

In My Mailbox (4)

Once again this is late, but oh well, no biggie. Only one book, but I also got three Twilight posters, a laptop bag, and two bottles of blue hair dye.

Recieved (won in a contest so it's signed with MY name!!):

How to Hook a Hottie by Tina Ferraro

At 17, Kate Delvecchio has one goal in life: to become a millionaire before the age of 20. And as far as she’s concerned, college will only slow her down. Unfortunately for Kate, the one thing her parents do agree on is that they totally disagree with her strategy. And so the deal is born. If Kate can raise five thousand big ones by graduation day, her parents will hand over the balance of her college account to invest as she pleases. No college, no degree, and no way she’ll ever be able to pull it off. But when Kate accidentally agrees to go to the sports banquet with the hottest guy at school, she stumbles upon a possible cash cow. The rest of the junior class is amazed that no-nonsense Kate could hook such a hottie, and one by one they approach her for help hooking their own. She doesn’t know anything about getting guys, but for $100 a pop, she’s more than willing to invent a six-step plan for How to Hook a Hottie. And how could that possibly backfire?

That's all because I didn't go to the library or anything. It looks good, though. :)

Peace and cookies,


  1. The title and the cover is great!

  2. That's really cool you got the book signed to your name! The only book I've ever gotten signed is a book I liked as a kid. But anyway, enjoy!

  3. Sounds delicious! Good chick lit reading. And awesome that it was signed.

  4. Not the sort of thing I'd usually read, but sounds like fun.

  5. I really want to read that book, cause i loved abc's of kissing boys!!!
    can't wait to see what you think of it...

  6. Insert Book Title Here: Isn't it? Very creative.

    Peaches: It is, I have two with my name in them, and three others that are just signed. Contests rock!

    Sadako: Yeah, I am trying to read more Chick Lit. :) I love signed books. :)

    Ian: It's not my usual thing either, but it looks fun and broadening my horizons is never a bad thing.

    Amy: I got a bookmark for ABC's of kissing boys with it, and now I REALLY want to read it, lol.

  7. I want this one so bad! Love the Cover.


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