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(August 21st, 2009)

Review policy

I'm currently accepting books for review. Please be aware that I am Canada-based if you would like to send me a review request. This blog is devoted mainly to my YA readings, but I will accept adult or middle grade novels if they sound interesting to me. Fantasy/paranormal and murder mysteries are some of my favourite kinds of books but by no means do I limit myself to them. Updated October 20th, 2010: As I've started working at the library, I've been reading more and more picture books and I'm now willing to accept them for review.

I do not review e-books or... well, I don't want to say it because my blog gets weird hits sometimes already (stumbleupon classified it wrong...), but you know the type of book I mean. Adult books, even romance novels (I confess I have a bit of an addiction to them) are fine but nothing x-rated. That's just not what the readers of my blog are interested in. Plus my mom would probably murder me. I'm also not too interested in non-fiction as a general rule, unless it's like a Chicken Soup for the Soul type of book, then I'll give it a shot. As well, I'm not really interested in the Gossip Girl and similar type of book. It's just not my cup of tea.

I don't like reviewing on a schedule because my life tends to get in the way, so I tend to not want to do book tours of any kind, the pressure of the deadline just bothers me because I probably won't get it done in time. I also can't guarantee a review. I will try my hardest, but I can't promise anything.

About self-published books: Before I agree to review these, I'd much appreciate a brief summary of the book, and anything else important, such as other reviews, your or the book's website if you/it has one, and, if possible, a sample such as the first chapter or so. I've had some bad luck with self-published books and am cautious as a result. But if it sounds interesting, I won't pass it up just because it's self-published!

On repostings, book reports, and the like:

I am not here to do your homework for you. My reviews are my thoughts on books I've read. Please do not use them to do book reports or any kind of homework assignment. Read the book yourself. If you don't get it, talk to your teacher. Don't cheat and don't use me to do it.

As well, please don't repost my reviews without linking to my blog and giving me full and proper credit for it. I'd rather you didn't repost my reviews at all, really, the exception being author sites. That, honestly, is freaking awesome.

Giveaways, Interviews, etc.

I love hosting giveaways, as long as you cover the shipping because I'm, you know, broke and I'm completely open to guest blogs and interviews. Just ask!

Ways to contact me and places I am:



  1. I remember when i typed my review policy. major pain in the butt.


  2. Who doesn't love a good romance. Nothing to be ashamed of being addicted to. lol.

  3. You should do a review on Painting Caitlyn by Kimberly Peters. Its fierce and honest and I think you'll thank me ^_^

  4. You should do a review on Lovely Bones, it's a great book and it's also a movie... (duh)!

  5. you should do a review on lovely bones, it was so good they made a movie out of it!!!


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