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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (17)

As always, Waiting on Wednesday is brought to us by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

I feel retro. And, probably because I'm pressed for time, I have three books this week.

Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die and The Deep End of Fear by Elizabeth Chandler - Release date May 4th, 2010

(The book itself doesn't really have a summary, so I'm "cheating" and using the ones from the original printings of the books. Aren't I devious?)

No Time to Die
Message from a dead girl...
It's too late to call back. Jenny will never speak to Liza again. But it seems that even from beyond the grave, Liza is begging her sister for help....
They say it's a serial killer. Is it? Jenny can't afford to trust anyone. Now she's here, in Wisteria, anonymously registered at the Chase College theater camp where her sister died. The daughter of a famous theatrical family, Jenny distrusts actors, loathes acting. Yet here in the college's darkened theatre, Liza seems to be speaking to her. Suddenly Jenny is mouthing Liza's last lines, sharing Liza's last days, a drama starring Brian, the stage manager, who seems to follow her everywhere... dangerously attractive Mike... Paul, who was obsessed with Liza... motherly, suffocating assistant director Maggie... and Walker, the director, bristling with hostility and resentment against Liza and Jenny's famous father. Does he suspect Jenny's true identity?
How can anyone know the visions that may be driving Jenny straight into the killer's arms?
(Summary from goodreads.)
The Deep End of Fear

Let sleeping ghosts lie.
Twelve years ago Kate's family left the Westbrook estate on a stormy night, just after young Ashley Westbrook drowned in an icy pond. Now Kate, alone in the world, has returned to the estate to tutor another spoiled Westbrook child, Patrick. The seven-year-old says he talks to Ashley by the pond. He does dangerous, deadly things because, he says, "Ashley dared me to." Just as Ashley once dared a shy, little Kate twelve years ago.
But at seventeen Kate is not so easily intimidated by "Ashley" or hostile members of her family or the forbidding housekeeper. Then Sam, the handsome stranger to whom Kate is irresistibly drawn, reveals a tragic piece of the puzzle that connects him to Kate. Sam tells Kate to leave -- either out of concern for her or due to a festering anger, she's not sure. But Kate will not abandon Patrick to the evil that is haunting him and threatens to destroy them all.
(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: If you were paying attention to my last In My Mailbox, you know that I bought the first Dark Secrets reprint last week from a 30% off table in Walmart. Hey, isn't it cute how that one has a key on its cover and this one has a lock?

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Blood Black, Red Dice by Christopher Pike - Release date August 4th, 2009

Alisa has been in control of her urges for the five thousand years she has been a vampire. She feeds but does not kill, and she lives her life on the fringe to maintain her secret. But when her creator returns to hunt her, she must break her own rules in order to survive.

Her quest leads her to Ray. He is the only person who can help her; he also has every reason to fear her. Alisa must get closer to him to ensure her immortality. But as she begins to fall in love with Ray, suddenly there is more at stake than her own life....

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: Okay, so technically since this is already out (I almost bought it, but didn't have enough cash on me) it's not really a Waiting on Wednesday candidate, but I figured it was worth mentioning anyways... and I like rebelling in nerdy ways.

Thirst No. 2: Phantom, Evil Thirst, Creatures of Forever by Christopher Pike - January 5th, 2010

A bind-up of this classic paranormal thriller series from bestselling author Christopher Pike!

(Summary from amazon or goodreads, they're the same and they both suck but I don't have time to find a better one, sorry guys.)

Why I want this: Well, other than the obvious, it's about vampires, I think I've already read some of these, and if they're the ones I think they are, they're really good. Plus I like the covers.

Okay, so I still have to reply to a bunch of emails, schedule a few posts, and look up pig projects and be in bed in half an hour, preferably, so that's it for me for this time.

Peace and cookies,


  1. I love the cover for Dark Secrets 2!

  2. Hey if you need info on anything pig you can just e - mail me. I raise pigs and I'm a walking encyclopedia.

  3. La Coccinelle: Yeah, I do too. They're really pretty.

    J.J.: Well, the oldest kid to attend would be five, and they'd be rare, mostly 3 and 4 year olds, plus no one showed up, so... yeah, I lost my train of thought completely.

  4. Wow that young huh? You should get some older kids involved because it's fun.

  5. It's not really my choice. It was just for Story Time at the library and with the whole 10am thing, 5's the oldest you can get. lol

  6. Loving the cover of Dark Secrets 2!


  7. I really want to read the Dark Secrets books. Um, if this is 17 then you may wanna change your newest WoW to 18. lol


  8. Bri: Me too!! I love that green... and I'm not the biggest green fan!

    Marie: Thanks for pointing that out! I changed it.


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