Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 reading challenge updates and 2010 challenge post

Okay, so, last year around this time, I decided to participate in a number of book challenges. I also had Doritos. But that's beside that point, I'm just hungry 'cause I slept for a really long time.

Anyways, so, updates first. (And don't worry, Fun Friday will return as regularly scheduled next Friday.)

On the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge:

I flunked that. I didn't read one of the ones I wanted to read. I could claim a few of my tacky romances as historical fiction, but I'm not going to because I really wanted to read those books, so... eh, no biggie, hey?

On the Chick Lit Reading Challenge:

I read one. Yeah. Well. I did read some others that would qualify as chick lit, but not the ones I wanted to, so... we'll call that one a flop and move on.

On the Read Your Name Challenge:

I read all except for one. One? Okay, you know what? Ironside by Holly Black has been changed to Irreversible by Liz Maverick. Yay, I finished a challenge!!

On the Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge:

I read two out of twelve. Yeah. Moving on!

On the 100+ Reading Challenge:

I read 107 books!! You can go see them all at my original challenge post
here. Two out of five isn't too terrible, right?

Alright, on to the 2010 reading challenges. Obviously, I don't do so well with challenges. Well, you live and learn and all that. But the one that I did do well with and that I want to do again is the 100+ Reading challenge and this year I'd like to try to get to 150. That's just be icing, though, my goal is just to complete the 100 books.

2010 100+ Reading Challenge List:

  1. Seduced by a Stranger by Eve Silver (A) (Hush, it's what I'm reading. :P)
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -

This list will be updated semi-regularly throughout the year. The gadget in my sidebar with my list will be updated more regularly.
For more information on the 100+ Reading Challenge, check out
this blog.

Okay, so I think that's everything. Happy new year, guys! We made it to 2010 without getting struck by lightning! (I'm assuming, anyways.)

Peace and cookies,

Okay, 2011 Laina here. Here's my list of books I read in 2010:

  1. Seduced by a Stranger by Eve Silver (A)
  2. The Secret Wedding by Jo Beverly (A)
  3. After by Amy Efaw (YA)
  4. Gringolandia by Lyn Miller-Lachman (YA)
  5. The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman by Louise Plummer (YA)
  6. Black at Heart by Leslie Parrish (A)
  7. Triumph in Arms by Jennifer Blake (A)
  8. Viking in Arms by Sandra Hill (A)
  9. Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley (A)
  10. A Highlander's Homecoming by Melissa Mayhue (A)
  11. Clair-de-Lune by Cassandra Golds (MG)
  12. Glass Houses by Rachel Caine (YA)
  13. The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine (YA)
  14. Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine (YA)
  15. Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine (YA)
  16. Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine (YA)
  17. Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine (YA)
  18. Fade Out by Rachel Caine (YA)
  19. Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine (YA)
  20. Leaving the Bellweathers by Kristin Clark Venuti (MG)
  21. Call Me Kate by Molly Roe (YA)
  22. Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen (YA)
  23. Blue Plate Special by Michelle D. Kwasney (YA)
  24. Virginia by Susan Hughes (YA)
  25. The Face by Angela Elwell Hunt (A
  26. The Sleeping Boy by Barbara J. Stewart (A)
  27. Swim the Fly by Dan Calama (YA)
  28. The Heavenstone Secrets by V. C. Andrews (A)
  29. How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier (YA)
  30. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters (YA)
  31. Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters (YA)
  32. Passing Strange by Daniel Waters (YA)
  33. Flush by Carl Hiaasen (MG)
  34. The Wish List by Gabi Stevens (A)
  35. The Mulberry Tree by Jude Deveraux (A)
  36. The Secret Duke by Jo Beverly (A)
  37. Velocity by Dean Koontz (A)
  38. A Lady Never Tells by Candance Camp (A)
  39. The Chief by Monica McCarty (A)
  40. Sleek, Strong and Sinful by Laurie O'Clare (A)
  41. His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone (A)
  42. Seneca Surrender by Gen Bailey (A)
  43. Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery (A)
  44. In Shelter Cove by Barbara Freethy (A)
  45. What the Lady Wants by Jennifer Crusie (A)
  46. Highland Beast by Hannah Howell, Heather Grothaus and Victoria Dahl (A)
  47. The Zebra Wall by Kevin Henkes (MG)
  48. Shore Lights by Barbara Bretton (A)
  49. Blow Me Down by Katie MacAlister (A)
  50. Lesia's Dream by Laura Langston (YA)
  51. Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgans (A)
  52. Penelope & Prince Charming by Jennifer Ashley (A)
  53. Kentucky Bride by Hannah Howell (A)
  54. The Face by Angela Elwell Hunt (A)
  55. Princess Annie by Linda Lael Miller (A)
  56. Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl (A)
  57. More Than You Can Chew by Marnelle Tokio (YA)
  58. One Night by Margaret Wild (YA)
  59. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (YA)
  60. Catching Fire -//- (YA)
  61. Mockingjay -//- (YA)
  62. Welcome to Serenity by Sherryl Woods (A)
  63. Before I Wake by Anne Frasier (A)
  64. Miss Woodley's Experiment by Katherine Greyle (A)
  65. A Midnight Clear by Katherine Paterson (MG)
  66. Christmas Bedtime Stories by Claudia Vurnakes (MG)
66 books in 2010. Well, novels... I was going to put my picture book list here, but then I hit 100 and realized how LONG it was. So it's going in its own post.


  1. 100 books in a year? I'm impressed. I don't think I could read that many. In fact, I know I couldn't. I only got through 11 books in the last half of 2009.

    Good luck with this year's challenges!

  2. Wow! You did great - wow!!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Two out of five?

    Good job. (:

    I got uhm.. none out of three!

    Wooo, I fail at life, hah.

    -Lexi (:

  4. A hundred books is a real accomplishment. I run a really easy challenge. Read one novel in January. Read more about it here

  5. Loved your live tweet of your read of Seduced by a Stranger ;-)

  6. La Coccinelle: Don't worry, I'm off to a riproaring start by having read two whole books this year so far. I'm in a bit of a reading slump, unfortunately.

    J.Kaye: Thanks!!

    Lexi: No, you don't!! And there's always next year :)

    yellojkt: Haha, I'd have that one done. I've done two! lol.

    Eve: Thank you for your comment!!!! I guess I just carried away. :)


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