Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Cuteness: Or, Fun Things in My Inbox (8)

This is a somewhat series on my blog of random fun things, usually book-related, that are emailed to me, and I think you guys would like to hear about. Got something you want to share? Hit my contact button and send it to me!

I got a lovely email the other day from Simon and Schuster Canada telling me about this fun event they're doing to promote reading on Valentine's Day. A Valentine's Day spent curled up reading with chocolate basically sounds perfect to me! While I won't know for sure if I can attend this event until a little later in this week, I thought I'd type this up and post it for anyone looking for last minutes plans!

You can see the event called Books, Be Mine: Valentine's Day 2016 on Facebook, and check out Simon and Schuster Canada's page as well since they'll be posting a lot of really fun book-related things in the time leading up to Valentine's Day.

And isn't that the cutest little graphic?

So will you be attending? If not, what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Peace and cookies,

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