Friday, June 30, 2017

QSR Challenges and Badges

Are you ready? Queer Summer Reading is almost here!

So we thought that we would make a little post about the challenge aspect of QSR.

Like this:

Our main challenge is still to read 4 queer books, 2 in July and 2 in August, but we have some mini-prompt things to have a little bit of fun with things!


1. Read a book that represents (part of) your queer identity
OR read an ownvoices queer book.

2. Read a book that represents a different aspect of queerness
OR read a queer book that is set in a different country.

1. Read a queer book from a genre you read a lot.
2. Read a queer book from a genre you rarely read.
OR read a queer comic/graphic novel
OR read a queer nonfiction book

We wanted to give you guys lots of fun options.

AND if you do our prompts/challenges, you can download these beauties:

Download these little cuties here! And you can stick them on your blog or whatever. Collect them all! Like a Queer Scout!

(Send a thank you to Luci for making these amazing graphics for us!)

And don't forget we're having our first Twitter chat tomorrow!

Peace and popsicles,

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