Friday, June 16, 2017


Welcome to the first annual Laina and Luci's Queer Summer Reading Club! Or Queer Summer Reading, for short.

Queer Summer Reading is based on the summer reading programs of my youth that my library ran! QSR is not a traditional book club, in the sense that we will not be assigning specific books, but it's more fun to say you're in a club, right?

We do challenge you though! We are challenging you to read four queer books this summer. Two in July and two in August. We're also going to have mini-challenges. In July, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read one book that has representation that you identify with, and one book with representation of queerness different than yours. (If you're not queer, then just read two you don't identify with!) In August, we challenge you to read one queer book in a genre or format you read a lot of, and a genre or format you don't read a lot of.

We're also going to be having twitter chats, twitter chats with special guest authors, giveaways, special blog posts, and who knows what else! We're also partnering with @QueerEnough at one point for a fun surprise or two I'm planning.


Q. Do I have to be queer to join?

A. Nope! The queer books are the focus, although we love #ownvoices authors!

Q. What book do I have to read?

A. Anything you want! As long as it's queer, it counts. (Just like us!)

Q. Do I have to read a book? / I don't know if I have the time/spoons to read anything.

A. That's okay too! We want to challenge you, but you can be part of Queer Summer Reading if you just want to enter the giveaways or read the author interviews. The challenges are bonus, and just for fun.

Q. When does it start?

A. Queer Summer Reading is going to run from July 1st to August 31st. Over the next week or two, more information with details will be posted. (We're still narrowing some stuff down!)

Q. I love that banner! It's so gorgeous. Can I have one?

A. Once all our designs are finalized, we will be posting them so you can use them wherever you want! We'll have several things available.

Q. When are all these things happening?

A. We're still figuring that out, but there will be schedules for the major events like chats available soon!

Q. Help! What do I read?

A. Well, anything you want! We will definitely be posting what we plan on reading, though, and hopefully some blog posts that can help you get ideas.

Q. What else can I do besides just read books?

A. You can do whatever you want! Want to host a queer giveaway on your blog? You can use one of our graphics and we'll boost it! Want to write a blog post about queer books? We'll boost that! Just wanna say we're neat? We'll boost that! And also thanks, we think you're neat too! We'll be doing a lot on Twitter, but we'll also have a post with link list where you can add your posts and things!

Also, if you want to write a post and don't have a blog to write it on, send me an email! I'd love to host some guest bloggers on here.

If you're a queer author and you'd like to be our guest in a twitter chat, hit us up! Luci will be handling most of that part, but we still have a few spots open!

Q. Where I can find out more?

A. First of all, here! All my posts will be under the "queer summer reading" label, so you can click that at the bottom of the post. you'll find more (once they're posted). You can also follow me on twitter @lainasparetime, follow Lucia at @justluciace, and follow Queer Summer Reading @queer_reads. We'll be using the hashtags #queersummerreading for general stuff and #queersummerchat for our chats! You can also email us at if you don't have Twitter.

Q. I have something else to ask!

A. Leave it in the comments, or send it to one of the twitter handles, the email address above, or even my email address! We'd love to hear from you.

Laina Has an Excited!!

Peace and popsicles,

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