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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Can't Wait Wednesday (4)

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Tressa of Wishful Endings. It's based on Waiting on Wednesday, which was created by Jill Breaking the Spine.

This week, I'm excited about:

From Me to You by K. A. Holt

Release date: May 29th, 2018
Amazon / Book Depository / Indiebound

Summary (from goodreads): Amelia Peabody lives in a small town where nothing changes. And that's just fine by her. After losing her big sister, Clara, a few years ago, Amelia can't handle any more change. But when she starts eighth grade, she accidentally receives a letter that Clara had written to herself. In it, there's a list of things she'd wanted to do before the end of middle school and never finished, like get on the softball team and throw an awesome birthday party on the lake.

Amelia wonders if it's a sign from Clara. Maybe if she completed the list, her heart would stop hurting so much, and she could go back to being her old self. But as she makes her way through, Amelia finds that there's no going back, only forward. And she realizes she'll have to put her own spin on Clara's list to grow and change in the ways she needs to.

Why I'm excited: This is probably going to make me cry. I can see if coming now. I actually saw someone on twitter recommend one of the other's other books, but it wasn't really my thing, so when I saw this I got really excited.

I also find the cover really interesting. I'm not into minimilism, like at all, so the current YA trend of mostly text covers doesn't do a lot for me. They really start to blend together for me. I know a lot of people are into them, and trends come and go so I'm complaining too much, but I bring that up because this reminds me of those a little, but the choce of having the girls on the cover adds something I like. I think there's something really interesting about this cover where it could be a YA book, but it's got something young about it.

I'm rambling, but it sounds really good, and I want to check it out!

What are you guys looking forward to this week?

Peace and cookies,

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