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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan

My current read just skipped from page 200 to page 233, and that rather annoys me because it's only from 2006 and obviously hasn't been read a ton, and there's no gap where the pages should be, even, so they're just missing. So I'm doing a review to try to get unannoyed at that. If it wasn't a good book, I'd probably be really snarky. Anyways, review time.

The Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan

Summary (from the inside flap of the book jacket): Battle Hall Davies is sure of some things: She's going to Reed this fall; she loves girls; and her older brother Nick, is cooler and more together than she'll ever be. Nick ran away from home when Battle was thirteen. Now, four and a half years later, he's tracked her down, and she's spending the summer between high school and college in Forest House, the group home where he lives in Portland.

It is a summer of surprises. Battle is swept into Forest House's community Shakespeare production and its all-night card games, and into th arms of her new housemate, Meryl. It turns out Nick is not who Battle thought he was - and Battle's not who she thought she was, either.

Review: I have a fondness for books about the theatre. I'm not an actor in any way shape or form - severe stage fright - but it's still one of my favourite things to read about, which gives The Rules for Hearts a headstart of sorts. It wasn't a perfect book, though. It was well-written and easy to get into, but it didn't wow me. The characters are interesting, it's a good enough storyline, the plot progressed at a good rate, but it was missing that something, you know?

I think my biggest complaint is the brother who she's supposed to be getting to know again, we don't get to know him much. He seems very removed, and slightly underdeveloped. I mean, Battle hadn't seen him in four years but not once did they actually talk about what he'd been doing for those four years. And his big problem that she discovers at the end of the book, there was no lead-up to it, almost no foreshadowing at all.

Conclusion: It's a pretty good book, worth reading, but I wouldn't buy it. Bonus points for the pretty cover, so three and a half roses out of five.


  1. A good and interesting review as normal

  2. i could never get into this:-0
    it did have some good moments though...nice review:)

  3. haha it does have a nice cover! And what a cool name, Battle, what happend to brother's name, only Nick. lol

  4. The idea of a rocky relationship with a brother kind of reminds me of Here's to you, Rachel Robinson...which I also love. Anyway, awesome review, Laina, I def. want to check this out...adding it to the ever huge pile of books I must read.

  5. Sounds like a good book. If the plot is good enough, it makes up for an underdeveloped character :)

  6. I liked Empress of the World better, I could never quite get into this one as much. It was still a good book though :)

  7. Amy: I actually found it pretty easy to get into, but I'd read a bunch of adult fiction before it, so that could be it.

    YA Book Realm: Seriously, Battle Hall??? Who does that to a kid? Lol

    Sadako: I haven't heard of that, I'l add it to my own to-read list. Which is huge :P

    Snowflake: Unfortunately, this plot didn't wow me. It was just okay.

    Bri: I'm definitely going to check that one out, if only because the title rocks, lol.

  8. Laina: :( Ah well, I'll still read it.


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