Saturday, March 21, 2009


I've now watched Twilight four times. Count 'em, four. 

So besides my grey matter now being grey mush from a certain vampire, I also haven't slept well in three days (closer to four now) and am dealing with some personal stuff, so please bear with me during my review drought. I'm reading some but I just don't feel like reviewing right now. I'll still try to keep up with the weekly things I do, but reviews are going to be a bit... nonexistent for a while, I'm afraid.

Peace and cookies,


  1. Yep, I live in the now very popular state of WA. I live in Tacoma, which is a very long drive from Forks. I have yet to visit there, but I'm hoping to sometime. This summer my friend and I are planning a trip to Ocean Shores, which is over there, and I think we may have to make a detour over there! :)

    BTW, I just got Twilight today. I watched it with my parents, and my mom was like, "you gonna watch it again now?" haha I'm like "" :D

  2. A little birdy tells me you have an award waiting for you at my blog!


    PS: i just watched twilight tonight with my sister! LOVE it!

    Also, about the sleeping; i feel for you. 3 hours a week, funn funn funn! Gotta love insomnia--or at least i do! i have TONS of time to read, then. Yippe! (Can't you hear the joy?)

  3. Ashley: Darn, that's be cool if you had. Please take pictures if you go!!

    I might end up watching it again. There's not a lot on and I can't sleep :P

    Leah: Thanks, I'll check it out!!

    Yeah, insomnia, whoo, so much fun. Plus waking up at every tiny noise when you do manage to sleep. Fun, fun.

  4. Of course I will take pictures! I'm telling my friend about my detour idea. I'm sure she will agree. :)

  5. Yay!! That would totally rock!!!


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