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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween stuff

Halloween is pretty much my favourite holiday. Christmas is great, obviously, but there's more stress and, well, winter (cold is like my worst enemy) and there's just something about Halloween. Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, witches, chipmunks, all that good stuff, I love it. I love the coloured hair spray that you can only get in my town around Halloween (I've already bought like six cans) and the accessories and decorations... yeah, I just love it.

So, I'm not changing my layout or anything (although if any of you guys want a custom halloween layout, let me know!) but throughout October, I'll be doing special paranormal/spooky themed posts. No contests, unfortunately, but you guys can earn extra entries on my blogoversary contests by commenting on any post tagged "Halloween" (and yeah, I'll be adding a tags gadget for that tag alone). You can earn up to five extra entries on the contest of your choice. One extra entry per comment and it has to be an actual comment, not just "Great review!" because that's just lazy, and include "#extra entry for (book title)" in your comment so I know which contest it's for and that it's not just a general comment. Clear?

And if you guys want to play, post about it, whatever, go right ahead. Bonus points (not for anything, you'll just be my best friend) if you know what Spooktacular was inspired by.

Okay, that's it!
Peace and cookies,


  1. Hooray! I LOVE all things Halloween and I'm glad that you feel the same.


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