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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (22)

Waiting on Wednesday is, of course, brought to us by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

My first pick is a Tenner, because, as we all know, I can't resist that site.

The Deathday Letter by Shaun David Hutchinson - To be released summer of 2010

All fifteen year-old Oliver Travers wanted to do when he woke up Thursday morning was squeeze in a little underwear gymnastics before school, until his mom called him downstairs to tell him he had received a Deathday Letter, which sort of ruined the mood.

Content to spend his last day of life at school (where the girls are), Oliver's best friends Shane Grimsley and Veronica (Ronnie) Dittrich convince him to burn his books and ditch school to, you know, have a little actual fun before he kicks the bucket.

In a world where only taxes, Deathday Letters, and teenage boy's hormones are certainties, Oliver, Shane and Ronnie embark upon a bus ride that takes them from the post office, to a house filled with college-aged anti-Deathday Letter activists (and Dave Matthews fans), and nearly to prison. And as the end draws near Oliver learns that living is way tougher than dying… and that kissing is wetter than he'd expected.

(Summary from author bio.)

Why I want it: The whole Deathday letter thing sounds intriguing, and the summary is great. Plus I'm fond of male narrators/main characters.

My second pick is:

The Poison Eaters and Other Stories by Holly Black - Release date February 2010

In her debut collection, New York Times best-selling author Holly Black returns to the world of Tithe in two darkly exquisite new tales. Then Black takes readers on a tour of a faerie market and introduces a girl poisonous to the touch and another who challenges the devil to a competitive eating match. These stories have been published in anthologies such as 21 Proms, The Faery Reel, and The Restless Dead, and have been reprinted in many “Best of” anthologies. The Poison Eaters is Holly Black’s much-anticipated first collection of stories, and her ability to stare into the void—and to find humanity and humor there—will speak to young adult and adult readers alike.

(Summary from goodreads.)

Why I want this: It's Holly Black. The cover is gorgeous. Need I say more?

Okay, that's it for me for this week! Don't forget to enter my Boy Toy contest and my Explorer X - Alpha contest!
Peace and cookies,


  1. I haven't read anything by Holly yet but I really want too and this collection of stories sounds amazing. And I reallyyy want The Deathday Letters too. Doesn't it just look great?? I love male narrators as well. Great picks.

    I don't have a book pick, but I do have something I want and a hilarious author video if you want to see!


  2. These look really great. I really want the Poison Eaters!

  3. Ladybug: Me too XD I had it from the library, but it ended up being overdue and I had to give it back.

    Lauren: Totally!! Have you seen the cover? (Probably, this is pretty old.) It's really cool, though. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7023081-the-deathday-letter

    Sadako: Thanks for the comment!!!


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