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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bookshelf Pictures - Part One

Hey, guys. So I was bored the other day and had found my camera (it likes to disappear randomly along with sucking) and I decided to take pictures of my books/bookcases.

To start, we have to start in my the in the spare room of my house.

That blue box (which by the way weighs a freaking ton) holds some of my mother's romance novels.

Then we have this. The other blue bin? More romance novels, along with one and about a half of those white bins. One and a half of the white plastic bins are my books, mostly older ones and ones that I don't have a ton of interest in right now because that closet is a bit hard to get into. (Yes, the pink slippers are mine. Shup. I don't wear them anymore, I wear these now. When I wear slippers, that is, which I don't very often.)

Random books in a box. The one with the Pikes and stuff on top of it is mostly because I got lazy. I'm not entirely sure what all is in here... the box under the pink rabbit has picture books and comics.

Now let's get onto my bookshelves!

Bookshelf numero uno:

(After this picture I had to move a bunch of stuff so I could take closeups of the shelves. It honestly is cleaner now. My mom notices and she doesn't notice when I clean usually.)

The top shelf:

Yes... that's a roll of toilet paper. No, I'm not sure why it's in there. So, top shelf = Twilight books and Harry Potter books except for one because it didn't fit.

Second shelf picture one:

As you can see, besides looking like something a kindergarten class threw up, my bookshelves aren't very big, so I have some books that didn't really fit anywhere stacked on this shelf.

Second shelf picture two:

This shelf has the first Harry Potter book and a second copy of Prisoner of Azkaban someone got me, along with a bunch of Scholastic books. I think my logic with this one was that (most) of these are in a series? I'm not sure, it's been a while since I organized them. Also I have two copies of that Artemis Fowl book because I bought the paperback in a pack and then later found the hardcover for 6 bucks.

Third shelf picture one:

Also double-stacked, but there are a few less in the front row on this one. Some Meg Cabot, Eragon, a couple Sue Graftons, a J. D. Robb, just stuff I've bought from the library (minus Eragon, that I bought on a school trip years ago.)

Third shelf picture two:

I brought a lot of these with me from Ontario. Only a few of them were bought here, like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (brand new at a library book sale, 25 cents).

Fourth shelf picture one:

A couple of these as well came with me from Ontario, but most of these have been bought here at, you guessed it, library book sales. On this shelf, I have two copies of The Little Princess, some Susan Cooper, some Madeleine L'Engle books, some Monica Hughes. That kinda thing.

And finally fourth shelf picture two:

I think this one is actually vaguely alphabetized... maybe. There's Harriet the Spy, some Judy Blume, a few more books that came with me from Ontario.

Okay, that's my one bookshelf! This post is already really long, so I'm going to make it two parts. Part two will be up sometime Tuesday. No IMM this week (didn't get anything).

Peace and cookies,

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