Monday, May 31, 2010

In My Mailbox (25) Makeup Addiction

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Fun fact: I meant to type "Makeup Edition" as the title of this.

So anyways, I had an elf order come last week and here's what I got:

I love the quads. There are so many colours and the pigmentation on them is usually just gorgeous. The only thing is I recommend using a cream eyeshadow under them to make the colours look more true to themselves. If you're looking for a more sheer, less dramatic look, using them alone is nice, too, though. :)

I got four Brightening Eye Colours in Glam, Day 2 Night, Teal Dream, and Rocker. I think I actually have all of these except two. I also got two Duo Eye Shadow Creams in Butter Pecan and Coffee and Cream.

I wanted to try the $1 eye primer since I've only tried the mineral eyeshadow primer. The clear mascara is for my eyebrows 'cause they're nightmares and I got eyeliner in Black, Gilded (gold) and Ash (grey) because I really like elf eyeliner.

The little round things are Studio Cream Eyeliners which are new to elf. The only thing I didn't do was buy an angled brush for them. Whoops. I got them in Midnight (navy blue) and Black.

The pressed powder is way too dark for me, unfortunately. I wanted to see if it'd be lighter since my other elf powder makes me a bit yellowy. The two cover sticks are nice, though. I got Ivory and Fair and fair is a bit lighter, closer to my skin tone.

The two blushes I got were in Coy and Flushed which is really bright and nice. I also got the Shine Erasers which are good. I like those.

I really quite like the squeezing lip glosses. The one on the end isn't actually brown. It goes on as almost like a sheer red which I'd totally wear for a formal event or something. And I really like the pink one.

The Candy Shop tins were 50 cents each. I got six of them, all except for coconut, because I don't like coconut.
I bought another Studio powder brush because I want one for liquid foundation, another eyeshadow brush because they're awesome, a sqoogley brush because I broke/lost my other one and that's what I use if my mascara goes funny and a smudge sponge brush, which I like. Don't get me wrong, it's a sponge on a stick, but for a dollar, it's nice fo smudging eyeliner.

I really really wanted new nail polish. I got navy blue, dark purple, shiny purple, light purple, dark red, pinkish purple. (Getting a theme here?)

Okay, so that's everything!!
Peace and cookies


  1. Oh, fun! I love getting new makeup. :-)

  2. I have a makeup addiction too. I guess thats not what you meant but either way MAKEUP!!! I love ELF products too. Whenever I go to target and see all teh great 1 dollar products, I go crazy!!! I liekt he quads but I really don't like the cream duo's, they crease!!! But I love their studio "C" eyeshadow brush, it is the perfect shape!!! Have fun with all your new makeup!!!

  3. Mindi: Isn't it fun??? I totally tore into the box as soon as it got here. :)

    iluvhersheys_andbooks: If you use the cream duo (over a primer) and then put a powder eyeshadow over top of it, it doesn't crease, and it makes the powder eyeshadow super-pigmented. I use the cream eyeshadows with an eyeliner brush to line my upper lids and then put a powder eyeshadow over top of them a lot (like right now).

    I haven't tried the C one, I'm just in love the with the $1 one. Thanks for the comment!!


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