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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bookshelf Pictures - Part Two

As promised, here's the second part of my bookshelf post! If you remember the last one (you should, it was yesterday), this bookshelf will look awful familiar. (That's because I have two of the same bookshelf.)

You can see the side of the other one in this picture, haha. And, like the other one, this one looks like something a kindergarten class threw up.

Shelf one:

My signed Cassandra Clare's are on this shelf, along with some of my other bought and won YA hardcovers. The two Thirst books are stacked there because they're so thick and they take up way too shelf space, so... plus I think they look pretty nice like that.

Second shelf picture one:

I have my L. J. Smith's stacked like this for the same reason as the Pike books. And no, I don't burn those candles there, I just put them there when I was cleaning and they looked kinda nice there so I left them. Cracked Up to Be and If I Stay are just there because when I was rearranging my shelves, I forgot those two were in my room and by the time I realized, I was done, so there they went.

Second shelf picture two:

Some of these I've bought, some of these I've won. This shelf is semi-arrange by size, which is why the two hardcovers are on the sides. It's totally not a sensible system at all, but it works for me, so run with it, okay?

Third shelf:

For the most part, these are either books I've reviewed or books I've won but aren't at the top of my to-read priority list. And a special edition of Breaking Dawn that I bought because I wanted the poster. I'm a fangirl. Deal with it.

Fourth shelf:

This shelf has no rhyme or reason, it's just random books I had that didn't fit anywhere so I tossed them onto this shelf. I think when I was filling this bookcase I had just bought some books from the library and they ended up here. Or something. Except for Parents From Space because that book rocks socks.

Now, let's move onto the books in my room. First we have this:

(Sorry for the cruddy picture. It's the best I got and I'm not getting up to take another picture.)

I bought this for six bucks at a yardsale and it's the only bookshelf of any kind in my actual bedroom. I keep a bunch of hardcovers in it because they fit quite well. Books that are signed include: Trash, Nothing But Trouble (I think), Wake, The French Mistress, Love, Lies, and Texas Dips, Death by Bikini, Mayhem on Mackinac Island by Johnathan Rand, and Bleeding Violet.

Normally, on top of The French Mistress are my Morganville books, but I'm reading them right now so they're next to my bed.

You see in the side of that picture how there's another one of those blue bins covered with a cloth? Those are MORE of my mom's romance novels (how do I end up dealing with them??).


On that bin is my review pile:

It's in roughly (roughly being key) chronological order right now, but chances are I won't read it in such. Need to get on that, actually...

And then next to it is just a stack of books:

The Day The Falls Stood Still and my House of Night books that I haven't touched but my mom likes. Sorry about the glare but the other picture I took was waaaay too dark to use.

And finally my work/reading/library pile:

The other thing this is called? A mess. But this is the romance books from the library I'm reading/need to return, a bunch of work books, and my Morganville books 'cause like I said I'm reading them. From the time I took this to now this has already changed, but you get the general gist of it. It's never the same for long, but it's basically the same idea all the time.

And I think that's about it, besides those books we all have that don't live anywhere and so are... everywhere. But I'm pretty tidy right now, so yay!

Comment and let me know what you think!

Peace and cookies,


  1. you really need a bigger bookshelf. i feel for you.

  2. The bigger the bookshelves - the more books you will get. Trust me I know. I have bookshelves on top of bookshelves. I just donated over 50 books last month.

  3. hello . big fan of your blog . what is your favorite type of cookie ? what are some of your favorite romance novels from your mother ? what is the title after Little black Lies
    my email is Wilson_j21@email.com

  4. Ooh some nice books there! I really need more bookshelves too and also more room for the bookshelves : )

  5. This is such an interesting post. There's something very cool about spotting books you know and love on another blogger's bookshelf. I'm contemplating posting some pictures of my shelves now.

  6. Charchelar: I know, but it's not that easy to get them home when you don't have a car. I just got a new one, though, and things are a lot less crowded.

    LM: My problem is (well, was) that I had to keep a ton of books in boxes and it takes up a lot of space I don't have. Better now, though :)

    Jennie: I like chocolate chip. Um, Nora Roberts is awesome. I have a lot of favourite romance novels.

    Little Black Lies doesn't have a sequel as far as I know but if you mean the book under it, that's Call Me Kate by Molly Roe.

    Addicted Book Reader: Thanks for the comment!

    Lauren: Oh, thanks. :) Glad it was enjoyed.


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