Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Friday: Give me something to sing about! (6)

Fun Friday: Give me something to sing about! is where you guys get to see a few songs I like each week. Thanks goes to J.J. at I Read To Much for help with the title.

This week is about new music (to me, even). Two of these songs I've only just discovered this week and the full version by this artist of the third was only released recently.

First up is Wine Red by The Hush Sound

Second is The Other Woman by Alex J. Robinson

Last but certainly not least is Darkness Round the Sun by Alexz Johnson.

What are you guys addicted to this week?
Peace and cookies,


  1. Good songs Laina.I think Alexz is really growing on me. :)

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out the error I made on my blog, Laina! I've edited the "Sisters in Sanity" book review.

  3. No worries at all! I just hope it made you look at the book a little more gently. :)

  4. I love WIne Red by the hush sound. Don't know a lot of people who listens to them.

    My obsession this week is Ghost Town by shiny toy gun

  5. I found it... ummmm, I'm not sure, actually, but I liked it, lol. :)


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