Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Friday: Give me something to sing about! (9) (And questions)

This isn't late because blogger is dumb, it's just late because I forgot it was Friday. Oops. :P

Anyways, Fun Friday: Give me something to sing about! is where you guys get to see a few songs I like each week. Thanks goes to J.J. at I Read To Much for help with the title.

This week we have something a little different. This is a mash-up of two songs, Love Story by Taylor Swift and Apologize by One Republic.

The originals in case you don't know them.

If that doesn't work for you, check it out on youtube here.

And Apologize.

And my questions are:

A. Should I cut this back to one song a week or do you guys like three?

B. If you're reading a book, and you've been reading it for like four days, and you're like halfway through it, but it's just REALLY hard to read, but you said you'd review it, is it okay to write a review about the half you read?

Okay, that's it for this week! Sorry I forgot. Again :P
Peace and cookies,


  1. Personally I like the 3 songs a week. But I would wait to review the book until its read.

  2. I have a sneaky suspicion u like Buffy the Vampire slayer... am I right?


  3. J.J.: Most of the time, I would too, but I CAN'T get through the darn thing. And I have other things I really want to read...

    Taschima: Yeah, I do! I haven't watched it in ages, but I do like it. How come? lol


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