Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look what I have...

Look what I have...

Pretty, isn't it? You can go to either or to get one, or grab it from mine. This one doesn't count down like my other ones, though. And because I love it, here's the trailor again!

Peace and cookies,


  1. i'm so obsessed with the trailer. after i watched the MTV movie awards i went online and watched it atleast 20 more times! i just wish it were LONGER! lol. and that widget thing is really cool:) i love the movie poster! you know what we really should do the week that the movie comes out? have a blog party! i dunno how you'd do that . . . we could all like go around commenting at peoples blogs, telling them where to go and when . . . we could like pick someone to host the party and create like a super big CBOX or chatting thing in a post, and we could all just like spend a half hour talking and stuff;) it'd be kinda cool!


    PS: i have no idea what iwas saying in this comment. don't say anything to anyone. shh. i know im cool, but you wouldnt want to scare anyone by telling them that. its just that im so cool id scare people, and they'd probably start frothing at the mouth.

  2. like how in that one movie with the squirrel thing, over the hedge or something, it was like totally frothing at the mouth when it attacked those cool girl scouts with the cookie wagon.

  3. LOL that is funny!!

    The blog party is a good idea, but, for me, it'd be bittersweet :P 'cause my town's theatre is so stupid, I don't even think they got Twilight. I've literally never even been inside the place. Maybe for the DVD or something? lol

  4. Ahhh Jacob... I mean, Taylor. (L) Robert Patinson looks a bit weird in the poster. :S


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