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Monday, March 8, 2010

In My Mailbox (20)

In My Mailbox is brought to us by The Story Siren and was inspired by Alea.

Wow, I haven't done one of these in ages. I haven't really gotten anything in a while. But I got a few things today and since it's only Monday, I figured I'll just do it today.

The first thing I got is a book that I'm not entirely sure how I got.

Mr Monster by Dan Wells - Paperback

From the author of I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER... John Wayne Cleaver has always known he has a dark side but he's fought hard to oppress it and live a normal life - separating John from Mr Monster to survive. But after confronting and destroying the vicious killer that was terrorizing his town, his inner monster is getting stronger and harder to contain.

And now more bodies are being discovered...

With the police failing to catch Clayton County's second serial killer John is going to have to use his secret knowledge of the first demon-killer to trap the second...but will he be able to avoid suspicion falling on him, and, in the face of extreme horrors, will he be able to restrain Mr Monster?

(Summary from goodreads.)

I don't have the first one in this series, I Am Not a Serial Killer, but I can probably get it from the library. It sounds really really good and I'm glad I got it, but I'm just curious who sent it to me! I don't remember asking for it or getting asked to review it or entering a contest... mystery book! So to whoever sent it to me, thank you! You're awesome!

The next thing I got were these:

Aren't these beautiful? They're for the book The Dark Divine by Bree Dispain and I'm giving four of them away (one I get to keep). The contest will probably start in a few days, in partly as a celebration for getting 250 (4) followers.

Okay, now this is just fun stuff. Do you guys know what eyeslipsface is? If you follow me on Twitter (or if you use it yourself), you probably know that it's this makeup that I absolutely love. And I ordered a ton of it a couple weeks ago. Since it's eyeslipsface, I'm going to show it to you guys in that order. Okay?

Sorry if these pictures are a little blurry, my camera's not good. You can always check them out on the elf website. :)

The first four things are from the Sugar Kiss Line. The first two are these shimmer eye dusts. They're like glitter in a rolly tube. I have Dance and Ice Skate and they're really pretty and super pigmented. Those are 1.00 for each pack of two colours.

The next things are glitter eyeliners. They're clear liquid eyeliner with coloured shimmers. They're also 1.00 for each pack of two eyeliners.

The next thing is a liquid eyeshadow in Green Machine. This is a really pretty smoky grey colour and I like the liquid eyeshadows. You just have to know how to apply them. That was a dollar.

Next is a mineral infused mascara from the Studio line in black and it was three dollars. I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things about it.

The next thing in this picture is an eye widener, which is white, and it was a dollar, and two eyeliners in midnight and plum (blue and purple) that were both a dollar each.

(That's the same pencil as the last picture.) I bought two liquid eyeliners in plum and midnight, for a dollar each.

The next four things are cream eyeshadow duos, which are (getting the trend here?) each a dollar. I got sugar cookie which is shimmer gold and shimmery pink, black liqourice which is black and silver-grey, berry mix which is light purple and darker purple, and olive which is green and a pretty golden brown colour. I also got a powder duo in olive 'cause I like green eyeshadows, also a dollar. I own most of the duos between this order and my last one.

I bought nine of the quads for a dollar each because I really like how many colours you can get in one little package and I think they're really well pigmented and pretty. I own a fair amount of these too, except really for the browns because I don't ever wear brown eyeshadow.

These are all the lips things I got. I got a pack of Sugar Kiss lipliners in Natural for a dollar and a regular elf lipliner in Natural Blush because I don't really own lipliners.

Then there are four Super Gloss Lip Shine SPF15's in Goddess, Candlelight, Watermelon, and Honey Do. Do not trust the colours in this picture, it went weird. These smell so good. The website says the scent is grape vanilla and it smells so yummy. All of these are a buck.

Oh, and I got five lip balms because I love them and so does my mom. I got vanilla and orange for my mom and vanilla, orange, and strawberry for myself. They're only a dollar, but they're incredible. The only flavours I've tried are orange and blackberry, though.

Here I have a concealor stick that was three bucks in Ivory and two healthy glow bronzers in Sun Kissed and Luminance. I don't normally use bronzers because they look muddy on my skin, but these are really pretty and I've heard great things about Luminance. Each a dollar.

I also got a clarifying pressed powder in Ivory, four all over colour sticks in Lilac Petal, Spotlight, Golden Peach, and Pink Lemonade, a liquid concealer in Ivory, and a tinted moisturizer in Ivory. All of those smell like oranges and it's really really yummy. And, yes, they were a buck.

Last picture:

The first two things are mini pedicure sets from the Sugar Kiss line. They're each 2 dollars and I got them in Heart Jules (though the package says Heart Josh. It's a light green and dark green sparkles) and Heart You (lighter blue and dark blue sparkles).

The next three things are the elf professional line brushes. A foundation brush, and eyeshadow brush, and a lipbrush because I use my other for eyeshadow and I have a lip tin I want to use this one for. Those are each a dollar.

The last thing is a powder brush from the Studio line. That's 3 dollars and it feels like velvet. It's so so so so so soft.

Okay, that's it!! If you're wondering, I spent about 65 dollars on all this. 15 of it was shipping, though. I personally spent 15 and my mom covered the shipping and the rest. Not bad, hey?

So you probably don't care about all that. But it was fun :D

Keep an eye out for a contest soon!
Peace and cookies,


  1. Holy crap woman! I think I need to use my super lightening powers to come raid your elf order!

    And TDD NAIL POLISH!!! SQEEE!!! I WANT!!! (the all caps should tell you just how much XD)

  2. Samantha: Do it and die :P Lol. Well, you should enter my contest!!

    Sarah: I know. But it really didn't cost that much.

  3. Wow! Fun!

    Sadly I am makeup clueless in the extreme. I've found the only way I can avoid looking clownish is to have like one or two of everything and not allow for any exciting (potentially disastrous) variations.

  4. Katie: I subscribe to a bunch of youtube makeup people and learned pretty much everything I know about makeup from that. And with elf only being a buck for their regular line, I can experiment without really losing out. :)


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