Thursday, March 18, 2010

Survey time!

So I totally forgot about Waiting on Wednesday. Sorry :( But I promise I'll have one up bright and early next week!

I'd do it today, but I have something else for you guys to check out. I made a survey using google documents. It's going to be a bonus entry in a contest I have coming up soon, so make sure that you guys use the same name in the "Name/Nickname" spot as your blogger profile, or whatever name you happen to be commenting under or include your email address in the survey.

The only required question is the Name/Nickname one. All the others are optional, but I do ask that you answer at least three questions for this to count as an extra entry in my next contest, and Name and Email don't count.

I'm going to embedd it and link to it in case the embedding doesn't work. Thank you guys in advance for taking it!

Peace and cookies,

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