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Sunday, March 21, 2010

In My Mailbox

(This is In My Mailbox 21, by the way.)

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The Story Siren and was inspired by Alea.

So I went to the city last weekend with my aunt and while we were in Walmart, I picked up a couple books.

Thirst No. 2 by Christopher Pike - Paperback

What Alisa has desired for five thousand years has finally come true: She is once again human. But now she is defenseless, vulnerable, and, for the first time in centuries, emotional. As she attempts to reconcile her actions as a vampire with her new connection to humanity, she begins to understand the weight of life-and-death decisions. Can Alisa resolve her past and build a new identity, or is she doomed to repeat her fatal mistakes?

(Summary from goodreads.)

I've actually read these, a long long long time ago, and quite liked them. I think I missed a couple of the books, though, because they were hard to find around here, so... I bought it. Plus I love the covers of these (I own the other one) and my mom likes them, too.

Dark Visions by L. J. Smith - Paperback

Kaitlyn Fairchild has always felt like an outsider in her small hometown. Her haunting eyes and prophetic drawings have earned her a reputation as a witch. But Kait's not a witch: She's a psychic. Tired of being shunned, Kait accepts an invitation to attend the Zetes Institute, where she can have a fresh start and study with other psychic teens.

Learning to hone her abilities with four other gifted students, Kait discovers the intensity of her power -- and the joy of having true friends. But those friendships quickly become complicated when Kait finds herself torn between two irresistible guys. Rob is kind and athletic, and heals people with his good energy. Gabriel is aggressive and mysterious, a telepath concealing his true nature as a psychic vampire, feeding off of others' life energy. Together, Rob and Gabriel's opposing forces threaten the group's stability.

Then one of the experiments traps the five teens in a psychic link. A link that threatens their sanity and their lives. And Kaitlyn must decide whom to trust...and whom to love.

(Summary from amazon.)

I've read the first book of this series a dozen times. I actually own a copy with this cover. I've read it more times than I can count. I haven't read them in a long time, but I peeked at the first couple pages of the bindup and it seems like it's held up over time. And the second and third books are really hard to find around here.

Plus I just like the cover!

Shift by Rachel Vincent - Paperback

Being the first female werecat enforcer isn't easy. Scars accumulate, but I'm stronger in so many ways.

As for my personal life? It's complicated. Choices worth making always are. Ever since my brother's death and my father's impeachment, it's all I can do to prevent more blood from spilling. Now our Pride is under attack by a flight of vicious thunderbirds. And making peace with our new enemies may be the only way to get the best of our old foe.

With the body count rising and treachery everywhere, my instincts tell me to look before I leap. But sometimes a leap of faith is the only real option...

(Summary from goodreads.)

This one I got from the drugstore. I couldn't find any YA, but would you guys be interested in me giving this away? I've seen this series on a lot of YA blogs and so it seems like it has crossover appeal. Yes, no?

Okay, that's it for me for this week! And be on the lookout for good stuff from my next week.
Peace and cookies,


  1. Very nice! All three are series I’ve been meaning to read. I read most of what Christopher Pike wrote back in the day but can’t remember if I read that one.


  2. Whoa...Christopher Pike? That takes me back!

  3. Mama Bookworm: I read a bunch of his when I was elevenish. I actually own nine or ten or so of the original covers that I've gotten from library sales. It's kinda neat they've lasted. :)

    Sakado: I know, right???


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