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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Girl's Club by Judy Gregerson

Right now I'm reading, listening to music, watching tv somewhat, playing online, talking to someone on msn and because that's not enough, I'm going to work on a review! This is a fine example of my short attention span. I bounce back and forth so much it isn't funny. Anyways, on to the review.

Bad Girl's Club by Judy Gregerson

Summary (from the inside cover of the book): Destiny has a secret. She's been told not to tell anyone what happened to her, her mom, and her little sister at Crater Lake. She also can't tell anyone that sometimes her sister is covered in bruises. Her friends all want her to report her parents, but Destiny won't tell the school counselor. If she does, it could cost her little sister's life or possibly her own. When the secret becomes too much to carry and the truth she knows becomes a lie, Destiny has to make a decision. Will she find the strength to speak the truth or will she drown in the lies? Will she discover her own worth and the voice she needs to cry it out, or will she remain what her mother has always called her - a bad girl?

Review: One word. Wow. I could stop there and be done. And wouldn't you all just hate me? But, since I'm nice, I won't stop there.

To be honest, though, I'm not one hundred percent sure what to say about this one, other than READ IT!! It isn't an easy book to read, not because of the way it's written, because it's very, very well written, but because it's at times shocking how deeply attached Destiny is to her mother. A time or two I thought that it wasn't completely realistic, but that could easily be because I just can't imagine that this is the reality for some people. My only complaint would be that she sometimes used capitals in dialogue, which I'm not a fan of in books, but that's a personal oddity of mine and didn't detract from the book.

Conclusion: Bad Girls Club is at times a shocking read, sometimes it catches you right in the stomach, sometimes you even want to put it down because it's so much, but you can't because of how well it's written, and the characters are so developed and intense that you just can't stop reading.

As a side note, at the back of the book Ms. Gregerson has a list of websites for more information about dealing with abuse and the effects of it, and you can find them at her website http://www.judygregerson.com/

Happy reading, guys.

Love, Laina


  1. This looks like a good read! I don't know If I would be able to read it thou. It just sounds so sad. Good Review :D


  2. It's sad, but it's totally worth reading, and it has a good message, about how (SPOILER) the main character Destiny is so brave and strong and such a survivor.


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