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Monday, January 5, 2009

In My Backpack

Well, I can't do "In My Mailbox" because... well, the only things that came in my mailbox lately was a calender from some cheese company, and a Reader's Digest. So I'm going to do what I got from the library (a while ago, but who cares?) and I use my backpack to carry them home.

The Bad Girl's Club by Judy Gregerson

(from Amazon.com) Destiny has a secret. She's been told not to tell anyone what happened to her, her mom, and her little sister at Crater Lake. She also can't tell anyone that sometimes her sister is covered in bruises. Her friends all want her to report her parents, but Destiny won't tell the school counselor. If she does, it could cost her little sister's life or possibly her own. When the secret becomes too much to carry and the truth she knows becomes a lie, Destiny has to make a decision. Will she find the strength to speak the truth or will she drown in the lies? Will she discover her own worth and the voice she needs to cry it out, or will she remain what her mother has always called her -- a bad girl?

Oooh, this looks good! Look for the review soon!


  1. Laina: I hope that you enjoy my book. I was thrilled to see that you pulled it from the library. If you review it, could I use a line or two of your review for my website? Let me know. And enjoy!!

    Judy Gregerson

  2. Of course you can! And thanks, I'm sure I will!

  3. Calendar from cheese company = way cool!

    Better than what I got in my mailbox which was zilch...


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