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Monday, January 12, 2009

Change of pace

Normally I just review YA, but that's not all I read. I am... I am... I am a tacky romance addict. I'm so ashamed!

Actually, no I'm not. A book is a book is a book. So here's my review of the last book I read.

The Healer by Sharon Sala

Summary (from the back of the book): All his life, Jonah Gray Wolf has had an uncanny connection to animals and the power to heal the sick and the wounded. Driven from the only home he's ever known by those who wish to harness his gift for profit, he becomes a drifter, working in out-of-the-way towns, never staying long. It's a lonely life, but Jonah knows he's still being hunted - he can't afford to get close to anyone who might learn his secret.

In West Virginia he finds Luce, a touch but beautiful loner who knows all about keeping people at a distance - a kindred soul with whom he might dare to make a life. But the hunters have caught Jonah's scent again. Danger is coming to their mountain refuge - a confrontation that will be decided only by a force of nature.

Review: There are some books out there that are a relief to read. You know, when you've started a book and tossed it aside because it's just so not working for you, and you find one that's not bad, but not great (see my last rant for details about that :P) and you force yourself to read it, but then you get one that you just sink into and completely ignore the world for a couple hours. This was one of those books. I didn't want to put it down for anything.

One of the things I loved was that the main characters were both well developed and interesting, which doesn't always happen in books like this. Also, there was minimal.... ah, shall we say adult situations. I've read more in YA, actually, and unlike in those, both these characters were responsible adults. Sorry, bit of a rant there.

Conclusion: A good book, with quite a good story and very well written, plus a gorgeous cover (and you have to agree that's nice). And now you know something new about me.

Happy reading, guys.
-Love, Laina


  1. The cover is nice :) Don't be ashamed!!


  2. I'd love to do a link exchange. I'll put you up now :)

  3. This acually sounds like a good book Laina.

    And nice review. :]

    Lexi <3

    btw I like a good romance novel every now and then. :] haha

  4. It was good. :)

    I didn't know that, lol.


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