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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl in the Attic

Such a pretty cover... Doesn't that just make you happy? I found this one by lurking around the returns counter of my library and seeing what someone else had returned. I know, I'm insane. So what?

Girl in the Attic by Valerie Mendes

Summary (from the back of the book): Thirteen-year-old Nathan is furious when Mum hauls him off to Cornwall for Christmas and then tells him they are to move there for good.

He wants to be back with Dad, with his best friend, Tom, in his London life. But then he finds a cottage - and a girl. The girl in the attic.

Who is she, and what is the family secret that haunts her life?

Review: I liked this one. I liked that it was told from the point of a boy, because that isn't something you come across every day, at least not for me, and I thought most of the characters were well developed and three dimensional. It is for slightly younger readers than me, but nonetheless a good book, with a good plot and very good writing. My only issue is I didn't like a certain part of the ending (just a part, I'm not going to say what because it'd spoil it) but all in all it was a very enjoyable book beginning to end. And the pretty cover helped. Because this was a short book, only 213 pages, that's about it for my review, I think.

Happy reading, guys.
Yours, Laina


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