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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Why, when there are so many GOOD books out there, do I have so many bad, boring, NOT GOOD books in my room? I just literally threw a book across my room (note to self, need to find that, it's a library book) ... and boy, did it fly... but, really, WHY???? Grrr, sorry, just needed to rant for a moment. I'm done now, going to try to find something better. I need to go to the library. I would have yesterday, but I fell asleep... plus it was like -45*C, and sort of blizzarding, so I couldn't. Today, though, nothing will keep me away from (hopefully) good books!!

Rant done!
-Love, Laina


  1. Lol, thanks. I swear, if I don't go to the library soon, I'll go insane.

  2. haha I've done the same thing before too. If a book is really bad it goes flying.

  3. That's nice to know. :) Normally I don't, just out of a general respect for books, especially ones that aren't mine, but I was lying sideways on my bed with my feet up against the wall (it was comfortable) and it was soooooo easy to just toss over my head.

  4. Feeling your pain. Bad Boring books also drive me insane! Good luck when you go to the library! :D


  5. I'm stalking my comments... :P I couldn't go today, it was too cold, but hopefully it'll warm up by Saturday!

  6. Laina, Laina, Laina, you crack me up! lol
    But i have the same problem as you (not so much throwing a book across the room........then losing it.) but I always, almost anyways, pick up a bad book.
    But i just got a few good ones! Maybe my somewhat better luck will rub off onto you? lol
    Oh, and good luck on finding that library book! lol

  7. I'm kinda in the same place as you Laina!
    Except that I have to good books I just can't get into them... :/
    Hmm. Haha

    Anyway I hope you find a good book soon!

    Lexi <3

    btw I through New Moon across my room and lost it. :] lol

  8. I found it!!!! Thank goodness for straight tosses, huh? And I got books!!! Watch for my posts soon!

  9. If you make the book spin while its in the air, it will usually land still closed and relatively undamaged.

    Book trading is a great way to get rid of books you don't like, and is a much cheaper way to get books than Amazon is (although you have to wait longer to get them).

  10. Lol, niiiiiice.

    My problem is that I get stuck inside for long periods of time when it's FREEZING, and I can't get to the library, so I get stuck reading the last dredges of the books. Usually my mom's. I own a lot of books, they're just not organized enough to get into. (I should do that, soon.) Thanks for the tip, though!! :)


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